4 Must Have Vacuum Cleaner Tools

Must Have Vacuum Cleaner ToolsWhen it comes to vacuuming, many of us will understandably believe that whizzing the vacuum cleaner over the floors will remove all dirt, dust and debris, leaving our homes clean. However, dirt can hide in areas where the standard vacuum cannot reach, which is why it is important to make sure that your vacuum is tooled up.

Some of the vacuum cleaner tools we recommend ensuring you have to utilise your vacuum cleaner include….

Crevice Tool:

The crevice tool can significantly improve the cleaning qualities of your vacuum once it has been attached to the extension tube.

With a vacuum cleaner crevice tool you’ll be able to remove dust from those hard to reach and tight areas, including corners where walls meet, and across skirting boards.

Dusting Brush:

Normal dusting with polish and a duster doesn’t always result in the surface looking clean. Thankfully, for such areas (and those covered by a thick layer of dirt) the dusting brush tool for vacuum cleaners can prove invaluable.

Such a tool is ideal for cleaning dusty areas and its soft bristles make it perfect for precious furniture and scratch sensitive objects.

Mattress Tool:

A little know fact is that the body sheds roughly 18 kilograms of skin in a lifetime; with some of this skin being shed during the night as we sleep. It’s therefore important to ensure that we regularly clean our mattresses.

Thankfully, with the mattress tool for your vacuum cleaner, this doesn’t need to be a chore. Generally, the tool features a wide suction and thread catcher, making it perfect for cleaning not only the mattress, but those awkward gaps between the bed frame and mattress.

Upholstery Tool:

We all know that the vacuum cleaner is a valuable household appliance for keeping our floors clean. But did you know that it can also be used to remove pet hair and various other dirt and debris from upholstery within your home?

With the vacuum upholstery tool any soft furnishings can once again be left clean. Many upholstery tools also feature lint strips and an agitating edge to remove hairs and lift carpet pile for a deeper clean.

Top Tip: Such a tool can also be used to make the normally difficult task of vacuuming the stairs easier, quicker and more efficient.

Utilising the various tools available for your vacuum cleaner will help to ensure that any dirt, debris and allergens which you may find in your home, are removed with relative ease. In addition to taking advantage of the various vacuum cleaner tools on offer, at BuySpares we also recommend utilising floor cleaning products.

From spot cleaners and stain removers which help to remove blemishes ahead of vacuuming, through to vacuum air fresheners, which help ensure your vacuum emits a pleasant smell as you make your way through your home; using these combined with the vacuum cleaner tools and attachments which leave your floors cleaner for longer.

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