Tips For How To Spend Your Bank Holiday Weekend

BuySpares Bank Holiday IdeasNow the Bank Holiday can always be hit-and-miss when it comes to the weather, which can often alter our plans; but with this being the last Bank Holiday weekend of the summer months (and until Christmas), we believe that it is worth making it one to remember – whether you’re staying at home or fancy taking a day trip.

For those of you stuck for ideas on how to spend the Bank Holiday, at BuySpares we have you covered, whether you’re staying in or going out.

Out and About:

Firstly, for those looking to take a day trip why not take a visit to the picturesque Cotswolds and become a spectator of a centuries old tradition?

Every August Bank Holiday Monday in Bourton-on-the-Water the annual “Football in the River” game takes place in the River Windrush. Whilst you may not see the likes of Lukaku, Van Persie or Gerrard taking part it will still be a great spectacle to watch.

If on the off-chance you’d prefer to be a bit more active over the Bank Holiday weekend, try your hands at something different, such as the World Bog Snorkelling Championships.

These take place in Llanwrtyd Wells and see competitors from all over the world take part, snorkelling through a smelly bog, and you can take part too if you fancy. What’s more, to add a bit more fun to the proceedings, the event actively encourages fancy dress, with prizes given for the craziest outfits.

For those who want to do something not quite so out of the box, but still want to enjoy the great outdoors, why not load the bikes into the car and drive to one of the many country parks the UK has to offer and go for a family bike ride, followed by a family picnic.

Home Comforts:

If you don’t fancy fighting the traffic this weekend, or the unpredictable nature of the weather is making you lean more towards staying at home; don’t waste your weekend by sitting in-front of the TV, instead get stuck in to one of the following tasks:

Spruce Up Your Garden:

Over the last few days, wind and rain have been prominent features of the weather for much of the UK, and whilst the wet weather may have helped to provide your flowerbeds and lawn with a much needed water, it’ll also have left your garden needing some attention (as will the winds).

The extended weekend is the perfect time to tackle these jobs, whether it’s bringing the lawnmower, grass trimmer and hedge trimmers back out of the shed to tidy up the overgrown lawn and hedges; deadheading plants which have been battered in the winds, or finally using the pressure washer which you purchased during the warmer weeks this year to wash down and clean your decking / patio.

DIY Time:

If the weather continues to remain wet and windy over the Bank Holiday weekend, making it virtually impossible to get outside to give your garden a tidy up, why not finally tackle the list of DIY tasks that has been building up.

Whether it’s replacing the washer in the kitchen tap to stop it from dripping, looking at (and fixing) the wonky wardrobe door, or sanding down the woodwork within the bedrooms and giving it a new coat of paint all the tasks can be carried out during the Bank Holiday weekend, giving your home a new lease of life, at the same time as freeing up future weekends for you to enjoy.


Feeling adventurous? Use the Bank Holiday to finally take steps on that renovation you’ve been talking about for the last few months, whether it’s transforming your loft into an additional bedroom, ripping out the old bathroom suite and replacing it, or knocking down that wall to make a kitchen-diner all these ideas can be put into action this weekend.

We’re not suggesting that you automatically get the sledge hammer and begin knocking down the wall, or empty the loft so that you can get to work in there; but why not draw up the plans of what you’re hoping to achieve.

If you’ve already got the plans for the renovation, then don’t let us stop you from carrying out the work. In-fact, we’ll have the tools, from hammers and screwdrivers, through to tape measures and spirit levels, you’ll need to carry out the job.

Whatever you do this Bank Holiday weekend, at BuySpares we hope that you have an enjoyable one!

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