Add a Sparkle to Your Home With These Christmas Lights

Add a Sparkle with Christmas LightsThe tree’s up and decorated and the Christmas pudding has been prepared; but it still feels like there’s something missing when it comes to the festive touch within your home. Why not consider refreshing your selection Christmas lights?

From lights which decorate the tree, to outdoor lights and even light decorations; there are a vast range of Christmas lights now available to add a sparkle to any home. Below, we’ve selected a few of our favourites.

Indoor Christmas Lights:

Indoor lights do not have to be reserved just for your tree. Instead various areas of your home from door frames to stair banisters can benefit from indoor Christmas lights, adding that festive feel throughout your home whilst making your home sparkle.

  • 100 Warm White Static LED Lights –low voltage, 5mm LED lights perfect to drape throughout the home to add a festive feel in rooms where a tree may not be possible. The lights are also available in a multi-coloured format.
  • 480 White LED Snowing Icicles Light Set – these lights offer a traditional winter appearance, in the form of dripping icicles. The super-bright, energy efficient lights are long lasting and durable – perfect for that winter wonderland feel.

Outdoor Christmas Lights:

The inside of your home suitably decorated and glittering away, it’s time to turn your attention to the outside of your home. No matter how your neighbours opt to decorate their house with Christmas lights, you can add the festive touch with these fantastic outside lights….

  • 180 Warm White Random Twinkling LED Light Chain – the super-bright, energy efficient, long lasting and durable lights create a stunning twinkle affect when draped outside the home.
  • 20 White LED Festoon Party Lights Set – with a light chain length of 12 metres and built in support hooks, these lights are easy to install and ideal for gazebos.
  • Glittery Silver & White Snowman – with its LED technology, the low-voltage and energy efficient glittery snowman offers a bright light, perfect for your garden this Christmas.

Christmas Light Decorations:

At Christmas it isn’t just about the lights that you have on your tree or the lights which adorn the outside of your home; but it is also about the Christmas light decorations which are dotted around your home.

To help your home sparkle this Christmas with festive light displays, at BuySpares we have an extensive selection of Christmas light decorations, including:

  • 100mm Red Blow Out Candle – with a warm authentic candle appearance and featuring a shimmering yellow LED light with a blow on and off function, blow out candles are a clean and safe way of to add atmosphere to your home.
  • 7 Light LED Magic Candle – these battery operated, colour changing candles glow like a real candle without the worry of an actual flame, making them a safer alternative.
  • Wooden Colour Changing Snowflake Garland – the battery operated garland, complete with a timer offers 10 colour changing LED snowflakes which can adorn any area of the home to provide a festive feel.

Utilising one or a few of these Christmas lights within your home this festive period will help you to create a Christmas feel throughout the twelve days of Christmas – and beyond.

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