How to Light up your Home this Christmas

Christmas Lights On House And Surrounding Trees

A great way to get into the Christmas spirit is with the right mood lighting. Fairy lights around the Christmas tree are a must, but there are all sorts of other ways to light your home ready for Christmas.

Here are our lighting tips to make your home feel extra festive this year.

Icicle Christmas Lights Hanging Outside House


Although it’s been a while since we had a white Christmas in the UK, snow and icicles still invoke Christmassy feelings. Should a white Christmas elude us once again, some Christmas icicle lights are a great way to get that festive feeling and unlike genuine icicles they can be used to decorate inside as well as out.


Christmas Candle Lights And Christmas TreeChristmas Candles

Planning a romantic Christmas dinner for two? If you’re spending Christmas with your significant other you may well want to enjoy your meal by candlelight. But with napkins, paper hats, wrapping paper and Christmas crackers on the table, real candles can be a bit of a fire hazard. You can get the best of both worlds, the flickering lights without the danger, with Christmas candle lighting.


Red Berry Lights On SnowBerries

Foliage like holly, ivy, mistletoe and spruce will let your home looking dressed for the time of year at low cost. You just need to forage the greenery from local parks or hedgerows. To elevate your decorations above the standard foliage display you can weave in berry lights. These lights imitate the glistening berries of holly or mistletoe and are a great way to jazz up wreathes.


White Lantern On Christmas Decorated MantlepieceChristmas Lanterns

There’s something magical and timeless about Christmas lanterns. Carol singers carry them when they come a knocking and you’ll often see lanterns winking in your neighbours’ windows around Christmas time. Bring that Christmas spirit to your home or garden too with your own Christmas lanterns.


Cluster Of Heart Shaped Christmas LightsHeart Fairy Lights

What better way to celebrate the season of goodwill to all men than to spread a little love this Christmas. How do you combine Christmas decorations and love? With heart shaped fairy lights! The best part is, if you forget to take them down you can just say they are early Valentine’s Day decorations.


Most Christmas lights in fact can be re-purposed all year round as party decorations or just to give your day to day home a twinkle.

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  1. David Dasley

    November 22, 2016 | 07:38 - Reply

    We always have christmas lantern every christmas since I was child. That is one item that we never forget to decorate. Thanks!

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