3 Ways To Add An Extra Sparkle To Your Christmas

3 Ways To Add An Extra Sparkle To Your Christmas

Christmas is a time for spending with family, eating (and drinking) plenty and enjoying lots of fun and frolics, with a sparkle and twinkle being spread throughout the home. And to help you get into the festive spirit, we’ve outlined 3 ways in which you can easily add an extra sparkle to your Christmas.

Install Indoor Lights & Not Just On Your Tree:

When it comes to Christmas lights, many of us instantly think of flickering multi-coloured lights on the tree, which helps it glisten and add the festive spirit as it sits in the corner of the room.

There’s no denying that Christmas lights, such as the Noma 40 Multicolour Pickwick Lights Set, help add that Christmas feel to your tree, offering a beautiful twinkle on those cold winter evenings as their static display provides an up-light to other decorations hanging on the tree.

But, why stop at adding lights to your tree?

Various surfaces, from walls, book cases and fireplaces can all be decorated with indoor Christmas lights, bringing a further sparkle and twinkle to your home. The Noma White LED Crystal Star Garland, for example, looks great draping over the banister.

Light Up The Outside of Your House:

Every year houses throughout the UK light up, as outdoor Christmas lights are added – and there’s no reason why you cannot join in the fun and frolics of decorating your home, with the fantastic range of outdoor lights available.

From the red berry lights which add a touch of colour to those sparse trees in your garden, to the white LED snowing icicles which when spread across your guttering add a stylish glow to the outside of your home.

If you’re feeling a bit more festive, why not festoon the outside of your home with an LED curtain which comes with an EasyTimer memory function, and add a wall of colour which will brighten up not only the wall they’re against, but your street too.

EasyTimer memory function

Add Those Finishing Touches:

With your tree lit up like a beacon and the outside of your home delicately decorated in festive lights, all that is left is to add those finishing touches – and there’s a great range of decorative Christmas lights which will help you add the festive sparkle, including:

  • Silver Tree Topper – the battery powered, LED star with silver frame provides a great source of soft, suitable light at the top of your tree to add that perfect finishing touch.
  • Natural Flickering LED Candles – when it’s dark and cold outside, nothing beats snuggling up with loved ones, by dimmed candle light. These natural flickering LED candles offer all the benefits of candles, without any of the safety concerns – making them great throughout the festive period.

Incorporating these light decorations inside and outside your home, along with adding the finishing touches with decorations will help you to bring an extra sparkle to your home this Christmas. And for those who want to ensure the festive spirit flows – starting with a well decorated Christmas tree, check out our “5 Easy Steps to Decorating Your Christmas Tree” post.

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