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Karcher Window VacCleaning windows can often be seen as a chore. But with sticky fingerprints from children, paw marks from pets and everyday dust, dirt and grime taking their toll on the windows; it’s a chore which needs to be carried out regularly. Unfortunately, the days of neighbourhood window cleaners seems to have passed by too, meaning that many homeowners are left with having to clean the windows themselves – which can pose a number of problems.

Such issues include:

1)      Reaching the Outside of the Upstairs Windows

Gaining access to windows inside is not a hard task, neither is cleaning the outside of the windows on the ground floor. Getting access to the outside of the upstairs windows however can pose a problem.

You’ll no doubt have been told about various methods people have used to reach the outside of their windows; but the safest (and most practical) method is to use a secure ladder.

2)      Method for Cleaning Windows / Solution to Use

So what is the best method for cleaning windows, is it the “Karate Kid” technique of wipe-on, wipe-off; the wiping a sponge / cloth up and down, or using a newspaper?

Each of these techniques work, but using any of them runs the risk of leaving smudges, smears or soap-spots, as does using the various cleaning solutions available from everyday window cleaning solutions, through to warm soapy water, and vinegar.

The best method for cleaning windows is to use one of the following two options – steam cleaning or a specialist window cleaning kit.

Steam Cleaning:

As we all know, steam cleaning around the home is great, as it offers a deeper clean without the need for a range of cleaning products and chemicals. When it comes to cleaning windows, steam cleaning is equally as effective.

Using the simple power of a steam cleaner, such as the Karcher SC1020, you can leave your windows sparkling in the sunlight as the steam removes the dirt whilst the inbuilt rubber lip on the window cleaning device, will remove the steam for a streak free finish.

You should find that each time you clean your windows with a steam cleaner, the task will become easier, and take less time without impacting on the overall finish

NB: Although steam cleaners offer a great finish, when it comes to cleaning windows they should not be used on the outside!

Top Tip: If after using a steam cleaner you notice any water drops remain on the surface or around the edge of the window, remove these with a clean, dry towel!

Specialist Window Cleaner:

There are a number of window cleaning kits available to help you achieve a streak free finish, with the top two choices being:

  • Karcher T-Shape Wash Brush – The wash brush has been designed with a wide head and soft surface, making it perfect for cleaning large surfaces such as conservatories, patio doors and windows.With an outer protector ring to protect the surfaces being cleaned from being scratched, and a rubber pad to remove stubborn dirt, cleaning windows with the Karcher T-Shape Wash Brush could not be easier.As an added bonus, the brush can be used with a pressure washer to ensure even stubborn stains can be removed easily.
  • Karcher Window Vac – Leaving windows to dry naturally will lead to streaks appearing, as will leaving too big a gap when using a sponge or scraper to remove excess water. The Karcher Window Vac makes such things a thing of the past.The lightweight and compact cleaner, dries surfaces with ease ensuring a streak free finish whether being used on shower screens, windows or mirrors; whilst its quick charging battery enables it to clean up-to 45 windows when it is fully charged.

Using a steam cleaner or specialist window cleaners, will not only take the time out of cleaning the windows but will also stop the cleaning from seeming like such a chore; meaning there is no excuse for you to leave your windows looking smeared and streaky.

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