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How To & How Often To Clean Your Windows

How to Clean Your Windows

Cleaning your home is a chore, even simple tasks such as vacuuming – but it’s something which needs to be carried out a couple of times a week. However, when it comes to cleaning the home many of us neglect the windows.

But how often should we clean our windows? Many local window cleaners suggest cleaning the windows on a fortnightly basis, but in reality, how often you clean your windows is all down to personal preference.

For those who would prefer not to pay for a window cleaner, but need their windows cleaned, you’ll be pleased to know there are a number of methods for window cleaning on the internet, and we’ve included 3 of our favourites below…Read more

Appliances You Don’t Have…..But Should Buy

Appliances You Don't Have But Should BuyOur homes are full of appliances, ranging from cookers, dishwashers and vacuum cleaners, through to washing machines, tumble dryers and kettles. Each of these appliances bring their own helping hand into the home, and are considered by many to be essential to our day-to-day lives.

Whilst these appliances are deemed essential, there are other household appliances which aren’t, but we think you should consider buying, including:Read more

Achieve Streak Free Windows With Karcher

Karcher Window VacCleaning windows can often be seen as a chore. But with sticky fingerprints from children, paw marks from pets and everyday dust, dirt and grime taking their toll on the windows; it’s a chore which needs to be carried out regularly. Unfortunately, the days of neighbourhood window cleaners seems to have passed by too, meaning that many homeowners are left with having to clean the windows themselves – which can pose a number of problems.Read more