How To Combat Cloudy Glassware

Cloudy GlasswareAs a dishwasher user you will undoubtedly get frustrated if your machine is leaving your glasses with a cloudy appearance. In this post we share a top tip for bringing back the sparkle.

You probably took your time to select the glassware that matches your home and personality, so it’s no surprise you want to keep it in top condition. Nobody wants dull and cloudy glasses; however this can be an issue if you live in a hard water area and use your dishwasher on a regular basis.

If your glassware has become cloudy and lost its shine then in many cases it will be hard water at the source of the problem. The cloudiness caused be hard water is due to mineral deposits that coat the glassware – however there is a very simple solution.

Cloudiness caused by a dishwasher is easily remedied; the thing to do is to ensure that your dishwasher’s salt reservoir is completely full. If the salt reservoir isn’t up to capacity then you will need to top it up, don’t worry too much about overfilling.

Another advisable step would be to use a water softening product such as Calgon to improve dishwasher performance. You can buy both dishwasher salt and water softening products at BuySpares as well as a full range of replacement parts for dishwashers from leading and own-brand manufacturers.

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