What’s Wrong With My Dishwasher? Part 2

Dishwasher Fault TipsIn our earlier post on dishwasher problems we look at what to do if your dishwasher smells or it isn’t delivering the cleaning performance you require. In this post we investigate the potential causes of some more common dishwasher faults.

More dishwasher common faults:

The Dishwasher Leaves Ring Marks on Glassware!

If you are experiencing this problem then it is most likely that you are using too little rinse in the dishwasher. There will often be guidance on the precise level of rinse aid to use in the manufacturer’s instructions. In contrast if you are using too much rinse aid in the wash then your items may well be coming out sticky.

The Dishwasher Leaves White Streaks on Dishes!

This is a very common complaint amongst dishwasher users. The white marks are usually caused as a result of having too little or even no dishwasher salt in the salt reservoir. Alternatively it could indicate a fault with the machines rinse cycle, in which case you should contact an engineer

The Dishwasher Does Not Function at All!

If your dishwasher isn’t functioning at all there are a few thinks to try before you call in the professionals. Firstly, check that the machine is connected to the power supply and that it is receiving power. Secondly, ensure the water supply is present and properly connect to the dishwasher. Also check that the door catch is locking correctly and that the door is not blocked by an incorrectly loaded item.

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    • Mike

      April 13, 2015 | 15:35 - Reply

      Hi Ernie,

      Sorry for the delay in responding to you. The error code E11 with your dishwasher indicates a problem with the NTC sensor or its wiring, which is usually push fitted to the plastic sump on the bottom of the wash tank.



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