Quick Checks to Maintain Your Dishwasher

Dishwasher maintenanceIf you use your dishwasher on a regular basis then you don’t want a fault to develop. The best way to ensure your dishwasher is in good condition is to take the time, once a week or so, to do a few maintenance tasks and checks.

On a regular basis you should make the time to do the following dishwasher maintenance tasks:

Unblock the filter: You don’t want the filter to get blocked by food waste as this can affect the water drainage. You should remove the main strainer, usually at the bottom of the machine, and give it a good clean. Remember to be careful in case there is any broken glass! Also some models may have a secondary filter.

Test the spray arm: The spray arm is used to disperse the water on to your dishes and is a vital element in effective cleaning. You should inspect the spray arm regular and clear away any blockages while ensuring the spray arm can rotate freely.

Top-up rinse aid: If you have noticed ring marks on your glassware or your glassware is being left sticky this is likely to be as a result of too much or too little rinse aid. You should refer to the dishwasher’s manual and ensure that the rinse aid dispenser is topped-up to the required level.

Refill salt reservoir: If your glass ware is being left cloudy or dull following the dishwasher cycle then it could be an indication that the dishwasher salt reservoir is running low. This is a problem commonly found in hard water areas. As part of your cleaning routine you should monitor salt levels, some machines are fitted with a warning light but on other models you will need to remove the cap and check manually.

Clean the door seal: Over time it is possible that the door seal on your dishwasher could become mouldy, which can cause odours.  You should stay on top of cleaning the seal.

Check hoses: By regularly checking the various dishwasher hoses for blockages and kinks you can help to prevent problems such as poor drainage and leaks.

Protect against limescale: Overtime limescale can build up on internal parts of your dishwasher and this can reduce the efficiency of the appliance and add to your utility bills. Using a good quality descaler will avoid this problem developing.

If during these maintenance checks you need any additional spare parts or dishwasher accessories, you can buy them at BuySpares – and all dishwasher products are covered by our Price Match Promise.


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