Back in April 2012 we published a post on the fantastic up take of our new product review system as well as some of the reviews we had enjoyed reading. Here’s a link if you want to give it a read: 10,000 reviews and counting…

A lot has happened on the BuySpares website since then, but your enthusiasm for letting us know what you think of our products has never wavered. You have now contributed more than 20,000 reviews to the website, which is proving to be an amazing resource for your fellow diy-ers.

We are delighted that for the most part you have been very satisfied with the products and have been able to fix your appliances straight away. Where you have given feedback that needs our attention we have, and continue, to use your feedback to improve not only the product range we offer but also the information we provide on products, imagery and the information contained in our appliance advice centre.

We look forward to many more reviews in the near future and hope that you have found this feature a great help in locating the right parts for your repair.

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