Did You Know We’ve Gone Mobile?

Scan to visit the BuySpares Mobile SiteAs every successful and fabulous online company living in the 21st century should, we’ve decided to launch our own mobile website!

We’d noticed that the BuySpares website was getting more and more visits from people using smartphones and other mobile devices, so we thought it was about time we made ourselves a bit more accessible and welcoming towards them; they are the future after all!

We’re particularly proud of how easy we’ve been able to make the process of searching and ordering through your mobile phone – no mean feat when you’ve got a selection of over 1.6 million products!

So now if you need to get that appliance fixed in a hurry, you can input the model number or other information while you’re actually stood looking at the appliance; no more needing to run back and forth to your computer or phone to write down the vital information for ordering the right part.

We’ve also made the pages much simpler to navigate, so you don’t need to worry about accidentally landing on the wrong product or getting confused amid an overabundance of options.

You can visit the BuySpares mobile site at m.buyspares.co.uk or if you’re feeling really swish, scan the QR code at the top of this post which will take you straight to the site!

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