Is Pet Hair Taking Over Your Home?

Cat or dog owners willPet Hair on your Furniture? know the feeling: your pet is like one of the family, you love it dearly and are more than happy for it to cuddle up on the sofa with you.

But when Fido or Tiddles abandons you in search of food, you’re left with moulted fur all over the sofa. And that’s not the end of it; the hairy deposits aren’t just confined to the sofa but all over the floor and probably stuck to your clothes and possessions too.

It’s not just the mess that’s the problem either; when animals clean themselves, their allergen-rich saliva adheres to their fur, which then ends up on your sofa and carpets and can trigger reactions in allergy sufferers.

Fortunately some manufacturers have recognised pet owners’ desire to enjoy a harmonious life with their furry co-habitant rather than spending hours cleaning up after them. Miele is one such company who have brought out a dedicated vacuum to help you deal with the hairy scourge.

The appropriately named Miele S7 Cat & Dog was awarded a ‘Best Buy’ accolade by Which? Magazine, who commended its ability to provide “excellent pet hair removal, good dust and allergen retention and low energy consumption”. Its Mini Turbobrush is specifically designed to remove pet hair from upholstery and car interiors, as well as being perfect for vacuuming cut pile stair carpet. Plus it doesn’t matter where those pesky pet hairs try to hide, as the Miele S7 is able to lie flat against the floor to reach even the most inaccessible areas. In addition, its Active Air Clean Filter incorporates a charcoal cassette which absorbs odours from the dustbag, banishing pet smells

Dyson vacuums also include  features designed to aid pet owners; whereas normal household vacuum cleaners may lose suction as their bags and filters become clogged with pet hair, Dyson’s Root Cyclone™ technology spins debris out of the airflow and straight into the bin, lessening the risk of hairs floating back out into the air.

Dyson Groom Tool

Attachments such as the mini-turbine head are ideal for removing pet hairs from stairs, upholstery and carpets, and many Dyson vacuums contain a lifetime hospital level HEPA filter approved for allergy sufferers.

After grooming your dog, you’re probably not in the mood to then de-fuzz the brush and clean up all the flyaway fur, which is where a fab invention called the Dyson Groom Tool (see image, right) comes in. Attached to your vacuum hose, it removes loose hair directly from the dog before it can be shed around the home, and then self-cleans by sucking hair from the bristles straight into your vacuum. Just make sure your dog is used to the vacuum first!

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