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7 time-saving baking hacks

Baking tools and essentials

If you’re a fan of a certain baking show, these hacks can help you in the process of creating some showstoppers! As half-term is also around the corner, you can whip up some treats with your family and show what a baking pro you are.

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What Are You Doing For National Baking Week?

Baking is a true British past time and it has never been more popular. The profile of home baking has been raised by hit TV shows like ‘The Great British Bake Off’ and the ‘Hairy Bakers’. This is sure to have inspired you to get involved and this week is the perfect opportunity to start and do your bit for a really worthwhile cause at the same time.Read more

Get Baking With Our Simple Cake Recipe For Beginners

Baking AccessoriesStuck for something to do with the kids over the bank holiday? Why not have a go at baking something tasty. If you’re a beginner in the kitchen then the best thing to do is a plain sponge cake. The basic recipe is easy to do and it can be jazzed up later with various exciting toppings, or cut in half and filled with jam to make a classic Victoria sponge.Read more