7 time-saving baking hacks

Baking tools and essentials

If you’re a fan of a certain baking show, these hacks can help you in the process of creating some showstoppers! As half-term is also around the corner, you can whip up some treats with your family and show what a baking pro you are.

Softened butter

Get butter at room temperature in no time

When you don’t have time to wait for your butter to reach room temperature, try filling a glass up with hot water and let it sit for a few minutes. Then spill the water out of the glass and put the glass over your butter. After about five minutes your butter should start to soften and change to room temperature.

Cracking eggs

Take eggshell out of your mixture

Even though you might have mastered your technique to crack eggs, you can still get caught out when the odd bit of shell ends up in your mixture. An easy way to remove the eggshell is to wet your finger and the eggshell should stick onto your finger making it easier to remove.


Filling up a frosting bag

Use a cup to fill up your frosting bag

Getting frosting into a bag can be tricky. You can end up getting frosting over your hands and the outside of the frosting bag and create air bubbles in the bag too. A top tip is to place your empty bag, nozzle down, in a cup or glass, you can then easily add your frosting to the bag without creating a mess instead. (Image credit: pinterest.com )

Biscuits decorated using lace

Try decorating bakes with lace

As an alternative to frosting cakes and biscuits you could try decorating with lace. Use a doily or lace design which will act as a stencil and then sprinkle some icing sugar through the lace. This can make your bakes look elegant, with intricate detail and is a simple way to achieve a delicate looking finish. (Image credit: pinterest.com )


Make a barrier to stop splatter

When using an electric whisk for bakes, it is inevitable that some mixture will splatter out of your bowl. To combat this, make a splatter-proof barrier by piercing your whisks through a paper plate beforehand and then reattach them to your whisk. The paper plate will help stop any mixture escaping from your bowl! (Image credit: pinterest.com )

Eggs in hot water

Put eggs in hot water for room temperature

Just like butter, some recipes state that eggs should be room temperature also. If you don’t have time to wait for your refrigerated eggs to reach room temperature, place them in a bowl of hot water for around 5 to 10 minutes and they should then be ready for you to use.


Chocolate curls

Create perfect chocolate curls

If you want to jazz up your cake decorating with chocolate curls, there is a simple way to do this. Use a vegetable peeler by scraping along softened chocolate to create delicate curls. Place the curls in an airtight container and put in the fridge so they keep their shape and don’t melt.

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