What Are You Doing For National Baking Week?

Baking is a true British past time and it has never been more popular. The profile of home baking has been raised by hit TV shows like ‘The Great British Bake Off’ and the ‘Hairy Bakers’. This is sure to have inspired you to get involved and this week is the perfect opportunity to start and do your bit for a really worthwhile cause at the same time.

National Baking Week runs from the 15th – 21st October and is in support of Great Ormond Street Hospital. The aim of National Baking Week is all about having fun baking, whether its baking with kids, running a bake sale or simply impressing your other half.

On the National Baking Week website you will find all the inspiration, ideas and tips you needs to get baking – you’ll simply need to add the ingredients and baking equipment required.Cookshop

You don’t need lots of equipment to get started, but there are some essentials that you will require. These are likely to include a mixing bowl, baking tins, a wooden spoon, rolling pin and whisk – however, this is totally dependent on the types of tasty treat you intend to bake.

As you get more into baking then there are a whole range of gadgets and accessories you can buy to save time and attempt more difficult bakes. At BuySpares we sell everything a baker needs, whatever the skill level. Our range includes accessories and attachments for Kenwood mixers as well as baking tins, kitchen scales and hand mixers.

Whether you’re just getting started or you’re already an accomplished baker, we would love to hear about your baking successes and failures. If you would like to share a story, please use the comments below. You can also share any photos of your creations on our Facebook page.

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