Top garden trends for 2018


As it is still winter we understand that thinking about your garden isn’t top on your list of priorities. However if you are thinking of changing your garden, these garden trends for 2018 might provide you with some much needed inspiration. You can also plan for any changes to your garden now so it can be ready for the warmer months. Time to dig out those gardening gloves!

Alfresco living

For spring and summer, outdoor dining areas will be a key trend. Obviously the British weather during these months leaves much to be desired. However we do have days with the elusive barbeque weather that are perfect for alfresco dining. Garden features such as pergolas and verandas are set to become more popular, especially for those of us who lack space for dining and entertaining indoors. Sales of garden furniture and accessories are set to grow as the trend for these dedicated outdoor areas grows. Depending on your budget this can be pricey and would only be viable if there was adequate garden space.


Wabi-sabi moss covered stones

This ancient Japanese philosophy focuses on the art of finding beauty in the ‘imperfect, impermanent and incomplete’. For a garden it’s about balancing nature and nurture and reflecting on the beauty of it by observing its natural imperfections.  So moss covered stones, weathered pots and fallen leaves are examples of imperfect components in a garden. Choosing plants and objects that change over time due to the elements is a way of creating wabi-sabi too. This may not be a philosophy you want to embrace fully but there are elements you can incorporate into your garden without too much fuss.

Grow your own

You don’t have to be a gardening whizz to grow your own fruit, vegetables, or herbs and it can also be a rewarding hobby. Space doesn’t have to be an issue as there is produce that can be grown in balcony pots such as tomatoes and herbs. If you are serious at becoming self-sufficient and growing organic produce, a greenhouse might be the way to go. Fruit and veg will need to grow in a sunny, warm and sheltered space so consider the best place that is available. If you want to give it a try, start small and experiment. Practice makes perfect!

Solar lighting

Solar lighting in garden

Solar lighting removes the need for electricity mains and deciding where best to place wires in your garden. It’s both cost-effective and eco-friendly and depending on your preference adds a decorative touch to a garden. They can be used to light up paths and illuminate garden features and create a great outdoor ambience. Solar lights also have long lifespans and require very little maintenance. There is the added benefit of feeling good about reducing your carbon footprint too! Take a look at our solar lighting.

Wood-effect porcelain tiles

When you think of garden flooring, decking and slabs probably comes to mind but a new trend that is becoming popular is wood-effect porcelain tiles. Already used in interior design for bathrooms and kitchens, these tiles are set to become trendy for the garden too. They benefit from being hard-wearing, scratch, stain and heat-resistant so will be durable in the garden. As they are different to the norm they are also a talking point when you have guests over.


If you are making changes to your garden, always plan ahead and take the time to see what you can do with the space available. To keep your garden maintained take a look at our garden spares and accessories. If you are looking for indoor plants to add to your home, these plants have the added benefit of removing pollutants from the air, find out more in our 5 of the best air-filtering houseplants blog.

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