How To Stay Safe When Mowing the Lawn

Power BreakersThe weather is slowly getting warmer and many of us are gearing up for the first cut of the season. If your think of mowing the lawn then you should make sure you take a ‘safety first’ approach.

It might sound uncommon, but mowing over the lawnmower cable does happen and the threat of electrocution is very real. It is recommended that you always use an RCD power breaker in conjunction with your electric lawnmower.

RCD Power BreakerAn RCD will automatically cut off the power if you accidentally mow over your power cable, which significantly reduces the risk of electrocution. It is possible that some newer homes will have RCD’s built in, however according to the Electrical Safety Council ( around half of UK homes don’t have adequate RCD protection.

If you don’t have built in RCD power breaks then it is advisable to buy a plug-in RCD adaptor for when you are mowing. You can purchase an RCD power breaker from BuySpares and take the risk out of tackling the overgrown grass.

As well as power breakers you can also buy the full range of garden spare parts and accessories, including everything from replacement lawnmower blades to new line for the grass trimmer.

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