Essential Garden Appliance Maintenance For Winter

Essential Garden Appliance MaintenanceAs sad as it is, summer is almost over and it’s time to put your gardening appliances such as your lawnmowers and trimmers away for the winter months; but before you do so it’s important to carry out some maintenance work, to ensure that come next spring your garden appliance is ready to be used – helping to keep your garden in top condition; and below we’ve shared our vital tips for your garden appliances.

Petrol Mower:

If you have a petrol mower, before you put it away for the winter there are a few things which you need to do, to ensure that when you bring it out next spring it is in full working order and provides a clean cut, rather than churns the grass.

The first thing to do, especially if your petrol mower uses unleaded petrol, is to ensure that before its put away, it is empty of petrol, as unleaded petrol will go stale after three months, which in turn will have an impact on the engine performance when it comes to using the mower next year.

After a season of regular use, it is also important to clean the filter on your mower; ideally this should be done after every 25 hours of mowing. You may find that when cleaning the filter, the filter has become damaged. If this is the case, replace the lawnmower filter and help keep your appliance at its optimum condition.

Whilst checking the filter of your lawnmower, give the belts a once over too, if these are worn, torn or damaged in anyway, replace them.

Finally the last check you carry out before putting your mower away for the year is that the blade is still sharp and undamaged. If you find that your lawnmower blade has become blunt, you can easily sharpen it using a grinder wheel or file. But if the blade is damaged, even with the slightest dent, to keep your mower working in top condition and providing a clean cut, you’ll need to replace the blade.

Electric Mower:

When it comes to putting the electric mower away for the year, you won’t need to worry about removing any leftover petrol; but there are still maintenance tasks which must be carried out to ensure your appliance is ready for action next spring.

The main check to carry out on your electric lawnmower is the blade, ensuring that it is sharp and undamaged. A blunt blade can be sharpened easily at home using either a file or a grinder wheel, whilst a damaged blade such as one suffering from stone chips, will need to be replaced if you want to ensure a clean cut next year.

Whether you have an electric lawnmower or a petrol mower, before putting it away for the winter months, you’ll need to make sure that it is cleaned and free from debris, meaning the moment you take it out of storage it is ready to go. The mower should also be stored in a dry place throughout the winter months.

Grass Trimmer:

As with your lawnmower, the grass trimmer will also have been put through its paces this summer, but now it’ll be time to put it away. But before you do so, give it a once over to ensure that come next spring it is ready for use once again.

The main area to focus on with your trimmer is the line, which can easily snap when in use or become worn. Should you find that your line is faulty, at BuySpares we stock a range of trimmer spare parts and accessories to get your trimmer back in working order.

Following these simple yet effective tips, will keep your garden appliances in full working condition come next spring, helping not only improve the performance of each appliance, but also extending its life – and should you find any fault with your lawnmower or trimmer, you can be certain that at BuySpares you’ll not only find the perfect spare part, but also the advice and guidance to fix the fault yourself.

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