7 Stain Removers To Help Your Clothes

Stained Clothes

Every day, stains can and do occur in the home. All surfaces are susceptible to becoming stained, including clothing and table cloths. But, there is no reason why, with the right cleaning products to hand such stains need to spoil your clothing.

A stain removal product we recommend is Dr Beckmann Stain Devils, which will allow you to remove a variety of stains, including those caused by:

Hot & Cold Drinks:

As a nation, the UK drinks 165 million cups of tea every day. Yet tea is a drink which even the slightest spill of can cause a stain.

Those of you who’ve experienced a tea stain on a white top before will understand how difficult it can be to completely remove, especially if you aren’t able to tackle it straight away. But there’s no reason why tea, or any drink for that matter, should be a permanent blemish.

By using Dr Beckmann Stain Devils Tea/Red Wine/Fruit/Coffee Remover, you can lift a variety of drink stains out of all washable fabrics. The product can also be used to remove marks caused by strawberries, blackcurrants and baby food.

Curry & Sauces:

Curry is one of the nation’s favourite dishes. But it’s also a dish which if spilt can result in difficult to remove stains, especially if they’re given time to dry.

If caught quickly enough, and treated with a curry and sauce stain remover, it can be removed easily and effectively in 3 minutes. For those stains which have dried, it’s recommended to leave the stain remover to soak in for 10 minutes, as this will make it easier to remove.

Mud / Grass:

As the age-old saying goes, “boys will be boys” and with summer fast approaching, there is an increased risk you’ll soon find various clothing stained by grass and mud. Instead of leaving the clothes to soak, before hand washing, make the process easier and quicker with the mud and grass remover by Dr Beckmann.

The product has been specially formulated to quickly lift out mud and grass stains. And because it isn’t only your younger ones who manage to get stains on their clothes, this particular product can also be used to remove foundation and mascara from clothing – helping to ensure that new top isn’t destined for the bin after only a couple of wears.

Ink / Felt Tip:

From pens leaking in your pocket, through to younger members of your family getting felt tip over their clothes as they colour, pen marks can be a common sights on clothing. Such stains can also be difficult to remove– unless you’re using the Dr Beckmann Stain Devils Ballpoint Ink & Felt Tip Remover.

The product has been designed for effective ink, felt tip and highlighter pen removal from all washable fabrics. It can also be used to remove antiperspirant stains from your clothing.

Cooking Oil / Fat:

If the hob is turned up too high when cooking, fat and oil can spit out. Such residue will not only leave your hobs and worktops with a greasy feel that needs to be cleaned at the earliest opportunity, but it can also leave unsightly marks on your clothing.

Removing cooking oil and fat from your clothing can be an arduous task without the right products to hand. But with the Dr Beckmann Stain Devils Cooking Oil and Fat Remover, there’s no reason why you need to be concerned about fat and oil ruining your clothes as you cook.

Grease / Lubricant & Paint:

So you’ve opted to give your home a fresh coat of paint or change the oil in your car, but you’ve not changed into your usual “DIY clothing”. The result, flecks of paint across your jeans or car oil down your hoodie.

If left, such solutions can stain. But you needn’t worry about such a thing, if you have a grease / lubricant and paint stain remover in your cleaning toolkit. Such stain removers are formulated to be tough on stains, but kind on fabrics – enabling them to lift grease, paint and lubricant marks from washable fabrics in a short space of time.

Alternatively, if space in your cleaning cupboard is at a premium, instead of purchasing one of the above stain removers mentioned above, consider the Dr Beckmann Stain Devils Survival Kit.

The kit contains 3 of the best Stain Devils products mentioned above, enabling you to remove over 40 of the toughest, yet common, household stains quickly and easily. To further help you identify and remove household stains, the kit includes a 50 stain chart fridge magnet, so you can use the correct stain remover to successfully lift any stains.

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