How to Remove Coffee Stains From Your Carpets

How to Remove Coffee StainsWe’ve previously discussed within our blog how to get the perfect cup of coffee at home, and how to maintain your coffee machine. And whilst we are as much a fan of coffee as the next person, we appreciate that it can cause stains on carpets.

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks, with roughly 500g of coffee consumed per person each year, it is no surprise that on a regular basis homeowners the length and breadth of the UK are fighting with spilt coffee on their carpets.

For fresh coffee spills the best way to tackle them is to soak up as much of the liquid as possible using a paper towel or a clean cloth, before scrubbing with warm soapy water. This should see the stain removed and your carpet looking in top condition again.

In instances where the stain has been allowed to soak in, warm soapy water is unlikely to be able to lift it out of your carpet fibres. In these instances there are a number of cleaning options available, including the old fashioned technique of using vinegar with warm water. But for a guaranteed powerful clean, at BuySpares we recommend one of the following:

Dedicated Cleaning Solutions:

There’s a vast range of carpet cleaning products available, and at BuySpares we stock a wide selection of such cleaning solutions, including the Dyson Zorb Cleaning Powder which is great for carpet maintenance, but also for removing tough stains such as coffee.

To make the most out of the Dyson Zorb Cleaning Powder, vacuum the carpet before sprinkling the solution onto the affected area and leaving for 30 minutes, allowing it to absorb the dirt. After the half-an-hour has passed, vacuum the carpet again and see the dirt lift out along with the cleaning solution.

A second cleaning solution is the Vax Spot and Stain Remover, which has been designed to remove ground-in stains from your carpet, simply by spraying the solution onto the stain, rubbing and blotting it to remove the marks.

The third cleaning solution which will make light work of removing tough coffee stains from your carpet is the Bissell Stomp ‘n Go Stain Lifting Pads which have been designed to remove tough fresh and set-in stains with ease, without the need for getting down on your hands and knees and scrubbing.

Remove stains by placing the pre-moistened pad on the affected area, before stomping on it to release the cleaning solution onto the stain.

For those who are concerned that cleaning solutions may not successfully remove the stain from their carpets, or are concerned that chemicals in such products may hinder the aesthetics of the flooring, a second solution is the use of…

Steam Cleaners:

Many homeowners utilise steam cleaners to provide their home with a deep clean. The power offered by steam cleaners can also be utilised to remove stains, such as coffee, from carpets – even after it has been left to soak in.

Steam cleaners, such as the Morphy Richards Steam Cleaner, the Bissell Handheld Steam Cleaner and the Karcher Steam Cleaner, provide a range of benefits when used, such as killing allergens and dust mites to make your carpets more hygienic.

Using the heat provided from the steam cleaner, stains can be lifted out of carpets with ease – whether your carpet is long or short – although it’s important to make sure that when using the steam cleaner you do so with a cleaning solution which has a pH of less than 10, as this will prevent discolouration of your carpet, but still achieve the desired cleanliness.

An added benefit of using a steam cleaner to remove stains from your carpet is that it can also be used on other upholstery within the home, such as soft furnishings or curtains which may have built up stains.

By using the right cleaning products and techniques, such as those listed above, whether you accidently spill coffee, red wine, or your pets mess on the carpets, the stains can be quickly removed; leaving your home looking just the way it did before the accident took place!

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