What Would You Rescue If Your House Was On Fire?

Smoke AlarmsInstalling a smoke alarm in your home is a no-brainer – it will alert you to the first whiff of a fire in your house, giving you time to deal with it (if you have the proper extinguisher) before it spreads, or to get yourself and your family out of there.

If you have a fire alarm your chance of surviving a fire is automatically doubled, and fatalities reduced by 90%*. But even if you escape alive and well, the trauma of losing treasured possessions can be distressing in itself.

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Treasured Possessions

As part of their fire safety campaign, experts Kidde Safety made a poll asking people would they would rescue in the event of a fire, in order to raise awareness of the emotional as well as physical trauma suffered by the victims of household fires.

Their findings showed that the majority of people were more practical than sentimental, choosing to save valuable items like laptops over photo albums. This inspired us to do a poll of the BuySpares team to find out what important things they would rescue…..

Lee: My laptop and hard drive – purely because all my memories are on there: school, prom, nights out etc!

Bryan: If my flat were burning down I would rescue my guitar. That way I could at least keep myself entertained while I waited for the fire brigade to arrive.

Farrah: I’d rescue my pets first and foremost. And maybe my favourite pairs of shoes – they’re irreplaceable!

Paul: The first thing I’d reach for would be my Ventolin, without that I wouldn’t be able to breathe. I’d also get a clean pair of pants as there’s nothing worse than wearing the same pair for a week (apparently!) and for sentimental value, the patterned Ostrich egg that my parents managed to bring all the way from Africa in one piece.

Mark: I’d rescue my dog Milo and his favorite toys. Also the contents of the fridge – I hate wasting food…

Why not let us know what possessions you would save from a fire by using the comments below?

*Kidde Safety Ltd.

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