What Plants Are Best In Your Home?

House Plants On Windowsill

Plants can be a big responsibility and if you don’t look after them properly then they can end up making your home look worse, rather than better. We have curated a list of low maintenance plants that thrive well in certain rooms of your house.  


  • Aloe Vera

This is often nicknamed ‘the plant of immortality’ due to its durable nature and it’s one of the most difficult plants to kill. Not only is it easy to look after, it is filled with rich vitamins that are great for your skin, especially burns. To use the Aloe Vera, cut off a lower leaf near the stalk, break the leaf lengthways and the gel should become apparent. Then rub directly onto your skin.

Aloe Vera Inside Leaves

  • Jasmine (white or pink)

Jasmine is a plant that survives well indoors, even through winter. It does require a little bit of maintenance in terms of water and fertilizing it, however, the aromas from the plant will create a nice fresh scent in your room. Make sure this plant is kept near an area where daylight falls, to make sure it blossoms to its fullest.


  • English Ivy

The English Ivy is another great plant for the kitchen, as long as you position it where it will get direct sunlight. The beautiful green and yellow leaves will add a burst of colour to your kitchen. This plant is also a natural air purifier which helps reduce the bacteria in the air. One tip with this plant, keep it out of reach of pets, more specifically cats and dogs, as this plant is toxic to them.

English Ivy Indoor Plant

  • Spider Plant

Once again this is a very low maintenance plant that doesn’t require too much care and attention for it to thrive. The spider plant also acts as a natural air purifier to help eliminate odours and fumes from your home, keeping it fresh smelling nice.


  • Orchids

If you are looking for a plant that will survive in the conditions of your bathroom and add some decor, the orchid is the plant. Orchids thrive in warm and humid conditions. Make sure you water it before the soil drys out. This plant will look lovely and add some colour to your bathroom.

The Branch Of Orchids

  • Fern

Ferns are great plants to also have in your bathrooms. Not only do they add colour and greenness to the room, they are also very easy to maintain and look after. They grow well in filtered light, so they don’t need to constantly be in natural light, and also thrive in humid conditions.

There is the information you need in order to add some greenery to your home. Even though these plants are low maintenance, still remember to water them and keep an eye on them. If you are in the swing of redecorating or sprucing up your home, read our top 10 house DIY tips that will help you out.

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