First Day of Winter Must Haves

Winter Must HavesThe weather may have been cold for the last few weeks, but today (December 21st) is officially the first day of winter and whilst we cannot guarantee what the weather will be like over the coming months, at BuySpares we know there are a few things for in and around the house which you need to consider, to ensure winter runs smoothly for you and your loved ones.

These include…


Due to the dark mornings and nights, it’s important to ensure that you’ve got adequate lighting outside your home. Not only does such lighting enable you to walk safely down the path to your front door, but such lighting can also act as an additional security feature.

Within our post “Light Up the Outside of Your Home This Winter” we provide a guide of some of the outside lighting you should seriously consider this winter. Our post “How to Choose Lights for In and Around Your Home” also takes a look at some of the various lighting options available for inside.

In addition to different types of lights, there are also various bulbs which need to be considered, and our November post, “Brighten Up Your Home with the Right Light Bulbs”, explains the difference between the various bulb types – helping you select the best ones for your home.


With the weather outside being frightful, keeping warm inside will be so delightful, and one way that you can enhance the warmth within your home is by installing additional heaters.

As mentioned within our previous post “Keep Warm This Winter with the Right Heater” including additional heaters within your home, will help bring much needed heat to your home without significantly enhancing your utility bills.

Some heaters which can provide spot heat as and when required, adding a toasty feel are the fan and desk heaters, whilst for those larger rooms convector heaters are also a worthwhile investment.

Cook Shop:

Along with ensuring that your home is adequately lit up during the winter months, and heated with various forms of heating; there’s also a good chance that during the dark nights you’ll be spending more time enjoying hearty meals.

Winter meals are all about casseroles, stews and homemade soup. With the first two dishes, the longer the meat is allowed to cook for, the more tender it’ll be. However, leaving the oven on throughout the day isn’t always a viable option, which is where a slow cooker can come in handy.

Using a slow cooker will soften tissue within the meat, helping improve the taste and tenderness. An added benefit of using a slow cooker to cook your stew or casserole is that it’s almost impossible to burn food, even if cooked for extremely long periods of time.

A second cooking appliance which can prove beneficial over the winter period is a pressure cooker, which enables you to cook food much faster than with other cooking methods, whilst using less water than conventional boiling.

Each of the items listed above will help to ensure that your home throughout winter is warm and bright, whilst you’ll be able to cook those hearty meals which warm you up from the inside, with relative ease; meaning whatever the weather is like outside, inside will be bliss.

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