How To Choose The Right Lightbulbs For Your Home

Choose The Right LightbulbsYou may not have put much thought into the lighting that is in and around your home; but such fittings play an important role in not just brightening your home but also in offering an element of security, which is why at BuySpares we recommend taking the time to consider the various lights available, and to give you a helping hand we’ve provided the following guide.

Sensor & Push Lights:

The majority of lights in and around your home will run of the main electrics; but then there will be some areas where it is neither practical nor cost effective to run wiring, but where light is still required. In such areas, a push light makes the perfect solution.

Due to being ran on batteries, a push light, such as the Wellco Push Light, offers light into those hard to reach areas.

Whilst push lights offer a light solution in those areas where it’s neither cost effective nor practical for wiring for main lights to be added, sensor lights are ideal to be used in areas of the home and garden, such as closets, garages and sheds, where a light isn’t always required and where the time spent (on average) in the location is too short to wait for a light to brighten up.

Sensor lights, such as the Wellco 6-LED Sensor Light is the perfect way to light such areas without the hassle of wiring, whilst its built-in infrared sensor picks up motion within the area and provides light for when it is needed, in a similar way to:

Security Lights:

When it comes to securing your home and the contents within it, it’s not just about making sure the doors are locked, windows closed and burglar alarm set; it’s also about making sure the outside of your home is secure and offers that extra layer of protection.

One such level of protection is to install security lights at the front, back and side(s) of your home, so that should motion be detected over a set distance they light up, altering you to someone or something outside your property; and hopefully scaring away any unwanted visitors.

Two such lights are the Eterna Halogen PIR Floodlight and the Time Guard 20W LED Wide Beam PIR Floodlight.

The Eterna Halogen PIR Floodlight includes a passive infrared sensor which detects motion at 180 degrees; whilst the Time Guard 20W LED Wide Beam PIR Floodlight has a similar feature but also comes with a detection range of up-to 12 metres; whilst both are easy to fit to the outside of your home and come with toughened glass.

When it comes to selecting the perfect security light for your home, along with considering the degree of the sensor, we’d also recommend considering where the light is to be fitted and the type of beam you’d require. For example, if you’re looking to place a security light at the front of your home at BuySpares we’d recommend a standard floodlight as this offers a narrower beam which can concentrate on a specific area; whilst for back gardens a wide floodlight, which allows for large areas to be covered in light should be considered.

Other considerations you need to have when fitting a light outside is the elements, especially during the winter months. As a guide, the fitting of an outside light should have a fitting with IP rating over 65 for direct contact or IP44 for indirect contact.

Garden Lights:

Outside lights aren’t just for security purposes however; they can also be used to add an extra dimension to a garden, or to offer light within a flowerbed or under your favourite hydrangea to illuminate it during those warm autumn nights.

Ideal lights to offer such a look to your garden include the Kingfisher 10 Pack Stainless Steel Solar Lights, who’s LED and mono solar cells offer a clear glow; whilst the solar panels help sunlight to recharge the batteries required to make the bulbs glow.

Next time it comes to fitting lighting in or around your home, consider the various forms available and what you’re after within your home, using the guide above, and ensure that your home is bright enough and secure enough for your needs and requirements.

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