5 Essentials to Make Your Home Office More Productive

Home Office With Laptop And Desk

Got a home office? Whether you’re running your own small business, freelancing or have flexible working arrangement, working from home has its advantages. You can manage your own time and don’t have to navigate rush hour. But to get the most out of each working day you need a productive environment.

These five home office essentials will help you enhance the convenience of your work space.

Two Cordless Phones On StandsDedicated Phone

You’ve no doubt got a home phone, but do you have a phone specifically for your home office? Avoid missing important calls and get a desk phone with a built in answer machine to ensure you’re easily reachable. A model with a built in call blocker is especially useful, as you don’t want to be on the phone to a pesky salesperson when you could have a client trying to get through to you.

One tip regarding cordless phones; the batteries will go over time. If you find your phone is cutting out during calls, the rechargeable battery has probably lost its ability to hold power properly.

Replace the batteries for a reliable phone again.Coffee Machine Making Two Cups Of Coffee


Coffee Machine

With no colleagues to chat to, the day can seem very long without something to break it up. With a high end coffee machine, you don’t just get to enjoy premium, luxury coffee, but can also take the time for a break, to get away from work and come back with a clear mind.


Chrome Modern Desk LampDesk Lamp

Desk lamps aren’t just for decoration. Working in a well lit environment reduces the strain on your eyes, which are working hard looking at screens and reading documents all day. Pop a lamp on your desk in a position where it’s providing extra light, but not shining right into your face. Your office isn’t an interrogation room! A lamp with an easily moveable head and base is most convenient for an office setting.


Collection Of Printer CartridgesQuality Printer Toner & Paper

If no one but you is viewing your documents then cheap printer ink and paper are no problem. But if you’re sending out letters or creating materials that need to have a level of professionalism, it’s worth going for higher quality of paper and toner. Low quality printing products can cause smudges, lines on paper, uneven printing and less precise colours. You’ll need to buy genuine replacement cartridges and quality paper for the most consistent and reliable standard of printing.


Handheld Cordless Vacuum CleanerHandheld Vacuum

One of the downsides of a home office is there’s no cleaner to come round at five o’clock to empty the bins or vacuum the floors. Dust will quickly build up on your desk, especially if you don’t use the room every day and a dirty work space can be distracting. Get rid with a cordless handheld vacuum that will easily and quickly remove dust build ups. Just make sure not to suck up any important papers!


A more professional and well equipped work space will help you knuckle down and get some good quality work done. Nail that proposal, bag that key client or finish your break through novel, all in the comfort of your own home.


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