Benefit From Versatile Cleaning With a Gtech Sweeper

Gtech SweeperIf you are fed up of having to haul about and wrestle with a heavy vacuum cleaner or you wish there was an easier way to clean than having to swap sockets every time you change room, then a Gtech sweeper could be the ideal solution. Gtech is an independent, British-based designer of innovative, high performance floorcare products. They operate in 18 countries worldwide and have sold more than 20 million products. In this post we look at why a Gtech sweeper could be the choice for you.

Gtech have developed a reputation for producing lightweight, powerful and cordless floor care products. All Gtech products are developed to maximise cleaning efficiency, but they are also designed to be easy-to-use and maintain. Gtech sweepers are cordless and they are powered by a rechargeable battery, which makes them incredibly versatile and enhances maneuverability compared to the traditional upright or cylinder vacuum cleaner.

Switching to a Gtech sweeper can also enable you to save money. Gtech sweepers are designed to deliver significant energy savings and unlike vacuum cleaners you won’t need to buy vacuum bags or replacement filters.

If you are wondering if a sweeper that can weigh as little as 1.6kg can deliver the cleaning performance you need, don’t be concerned. Gtech sweepers are powerful enough to clean dirt and grime from any floor surface and some Gtech sweeper products in the Germguard range use silver ion technology which kills over 99% of bacteria.

A Gtech sweeper is likely to meet your needs if you want a lightweight cleaning experience, have a large number of stairs or awkward areas to clean or you need a versatile vacuum cleaner unrestricted by the location of plug sockets.

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