3 of The Best Carpet Stain Removal Products

In this post we look at three of the best carpet cleaning formulas available for £10 or less at BuySpares and examine the benefits of each. Carpet cleaning and stain removal has come a long way in recent years and the options we look at in this post include cleaners that require no scrubbing, those that don’t need the addition of water and PH neutral cleaners that are safe to use on wool.Fresh and dried-in stains can ruin the appearance of your carpets. Whether it’s red wine, coffee or ingrained mud – stains can be difficult to shift but with the help of a spot cleaning product they needn’t be a hassle.

Dyson Zorb Carpet Cleaner

Dyson Zorb is designed to be used in high traffic areas and has none of the drawbacks of wet cleaning. This innovative stain removal product absorbs the dirt to prevent stains and doesn’t leave any sticky detergent residue behind. It also couldn’t be any easier to use, simply sprinkle the formula, made up of tiny sponges, on the carpet and groom it in to the most soiled areas. After allowing the formula to work for around 30 minutes, all you need to do is vacuum.

Dyson Zorb is dermatologically balanced so it won’t cause skin irritations and is made of 100-percent recycled and biodegradable ingredients to maintain an environmentally healthy home.

Bissell Stomp ‘N Go

If you really aren’t a fan of scrubbing then this may well be the option for you. Bissell Stomp ‘n Go works exactly as the name suggests; simply tear open the pack, place the pre-moistened pad on the carpet stain, stomp on it with your shoe to release the solution into the stain and walk! Each pack of Stomp ‘n Go contains five individual pads so it is really handy to keep under the sink just in case.

Dyson Dysolv Spot Cleaner

The inclusion of 4 active agents makes Dyson Dysolv effective on a variety of stain types, including soil, grease and oil-based stains. Dyzolv is safe for wool and stain-resistant carpets and is also pH neutral and environmentally friendly to help maintain a healthy home. It is formulated to help remove heavy duty spots and spills from your carpets and rugs. It is rated 5 stars by BuySpares customers with John from Sheffield stating “This is great for small stains. Just spray it on and hoover it up!”

You can buy a range of stain removal products from BuySpares.

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