How To MOT Your Dishwasher in 5 Steps

Cutlery Inside Dishwasher

When thinking of an MOT, many of us will think of our cars. But household appliances should also be put through a regular health-check to keep them working at their optimum level, and one such appliance is the trusted dishwasher and if you haven’t recently checked your dishwasher now is the perfect time.

With winter fast approaching, the evening meal is quickly going to change from salads and light meals, to more hearty dishes such as homemade soups, casseroles and stews. With the change in meals comes the increased likelihood that there will be thicker food waste building up within your dishwasher – which if left untreated can hinder the performance of the appliance.

By carrying out an MOT on your dishwasher, you’ll be able to ensure that after every wash all your pots and pans are left sparkling clean, even if they did go into the dishwasher with casserole built on, and there are a few steps which should be taken as a priority.

Check Parts:

There are many parts of your dishwasher, which is suffering from even the smallest amount of damage or decay can significantly hinder the performance of the appliance, so as you can imagine, it is important to check that these parts are in top condition.

Some of the vital parts to check include:


The dishwasher filters play an important role within your dishwasher, as they prevent food waste and other items being flushed through the pipes, leading to potential other problems; so it is important to regularly check the filters for damage and to make sure that they aren’t blocked.

The best way to remove the filter from your dishwasher is to remove the bottom basket, as this will give you easier access to the filter. Once you’ve removed the filter, empty any debris trapped within it, into your bin before washing the filter in warm soapy water.

Spray System:

With the bottom tray still out of your dishwasher, now is the ideal time to check the spray system within the dishwasher, helping to make sure that your dishes come out sparkling.

Any blockages from food or other debris can prevent your spray system from rotating correctly, which in-turn hinders the release of water and therefore stops your dishwasher from cleaning the pots and pans.

To find the best way to remove, clean and if need be replace the spray system within your dishwasher, watch our helpful “How to Remove the Spray System from a Dishwasher” video.

Cutlery Basket:

Believe it or not, a faulty cutlery basket can significantly impact the performance of your dishwasher and prevent your pots from coming out clean, because knives and forks can slip through and prevent your spray system from spinning correctly.

Should you find that your cutlery basket is faulty, at BuySpares we stock both genuine and universal baskets, meaning whatever your budget and whatever make and model of your appliance, you’ll be able to find the perfect replacement.

Door Seal:

If the door seal on your dishwasher has even the smallest fault, you could find that you have a leak, which will not only cause a mess within your kitchen but it’ll also prevent your appliance from performing to its optimum performance.As part of your dishwasher MOT it’s therefore important to check that your door seal is fully in-tact, and if there is a slight split within it, you’ll be pleased to know that replacing a seal is as easy as loading the dishwasher itself – and to help you replace the door seal on your dishwasher we’ve produced the “How to Replace a Dishwasher Door Seal” video.


On a daily basis your dishwasher is bombarded with dirty pots and pans, and the food debris which comes off takes its toll on the performance of your dishwashers as the filter begins to get clogged. But it isn’t only food waste which can leave your dishwasher dirty, the build up of limescale (particularly for those in a hard-water area) and detergent can also leave your dishwasher less than clean.

To remove the build up of limescale and detergent from your dishwasher, we recommend using the BuySpares Limescale and Detergent Remover, which if used regularly can break down the limescale, detergent and grease, sanitising your dishwasher and leaving it smelling fresh.

Another tip for cleaning your dishwasher is to use an anti-bacteria spray cleaner on, around and underneath the door seals, loosening any bacteria that has built-up, before washing away with a damp cloth.

With the main parts of your dishwasher checked to ensure that they are in top condition and working correctly, plus the appliance being cleaned and clear of bacteria, detergent and limescale, there is no reason why your dishwasher should not be performing at its optimum level this winter and through to next year – leaving your pots clean and sparkling.

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