Dishwasher Spares – There’s More Than You Think!

dishwasher spare partsA do-it-yourself repair on your dishwasher is a great way of saving money especially as many dishwasher spare parts are very easy to fit and can be installed by any suitably qualified or competent individual. In this post we look at the shear breath of dishwasher spares available.

Amongst the most popular replacement parts for a dishwasher, you will find:

Cutlery Baskets: These are sometimes referred to as cutlery holders and they are used to contain cutlery items during the washing process. If used incorrectly it is possible they can become damaged by sharp cutlery items like kitchen knives. For help loading your dishwasher, read our post ‘How do you load yours…?’

Dispensers: The soap dispenser is used to add detergent to the wash and will need cleaning regularly to avoid blocks. To do this you may need to remove the soap dispenser from a dishwasher.

Door Locks: In order to start the wash cycle the door need to be locked in position; however sometimes the door lock or catch can fail. Learn how to replace a dishwasher door catch by watching our video.

Elements: The heating element is used to ensure the water in your dishwasher reaches the required temperature. The element is one of the internal components of a dishwasher that is most at risk from limescale damage. If you live in a hard water area we would suggest using limescale remover as it prevents build-up and will cost less than £2 a month!

Filters: The filter or strainer as it can be known prevents food and other debris from passing into functional parts of the dishwasher. You should endeavour to empty the filter regularly as part of your regular maintenance.

Hoses: Dishwashers have a number of hoses that are used to take water in and out of the appliance. If a hose becomes damaged or blocked you can buy replacement fill and drain hoses at BuySpares.

Seals: The dishwasher door seal, or gasket as it is sometimes called, is vital in providing a water tight seal when the door is closed shut. Over time it is possible for dishwasher door seals to become slack. If this happens it will need to be replaced, watch our dishwasher advice video on how to replace a dishwasher door seal.

Wheels: Dishwasher basket wheels are quite fragile and can easily become damaged or broken if the dishwasher is overloaded.

Dishwasher HoseThis is not an exhaustive list of dishwasher parts as many other parts are available including pumps, spray arms, thermostats and replacement racks. You can buy all these dishwasher spare parts at BuySpares as well as less common and model specific dishwasher spares. To view the full range visit the BuySpares dishwasher shop.

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