3 Travel Tips for an Enjoyable Journey

Travel TipsWhen it comes to travel tips, at BuySpares we prefer not to take the motorway like everyone else. Instead we often prefer to take the more scenic countryside route, which offers pleasant scenery whilst still getting you to your destination in a safe and quick fashion. As such, our “out of the box” travel tips below look at ways of making all travelling, whether a quick visit to the shop or long journeys across the UK, an enjoyable experience.


The first time you get into a brand new car can seem like a magical experience, the shine of the paintwork, the sparkle as the sun reflects of the mirrors, and that new car smell which is intoxicating. But there is no reason why the joy of a new car should be short lived, and with regular cleaning, the shine and sparkle can remain for as long as you have the car – if you have the right products in your car cleaning arsenal.

Such products include:

  • Insect Remover – the acid-free Karcher insect remover gently removes insect stains from your vehicles paintwork, wing mirrors, windows and plastic; whilst protecting your paintwork.
  • Cleaning Wax – insects removed and the car washed, the next step to give your car that “just got out the showroom look” is to provide a layer of wax.

Cleaning the outside of the car is only part of the job, and once the outside is left sparkling in the sun, you can move onto the interior – making sure to pay attention to the windows, dashboard and upholstery.

  • Glass Cleaner – if you’ve got children or dogs there’s a good chance that you’ll have sticky marks or nose prints on your car windows; which often prove difficult to remove without leaving smears and streaks.
  • Dashboard Wipes – the dashboard is often a neglected area of the car, but a dirty or faded dashboard can impact on the overall appearance of the vehicle; which is why to protect your dashboard from UV damage (and to keep it clean) gloss dashboard wipes should be used.
  • Upholstery Cleaner – it may not seem like it, but the seats within your car take a lot of wear and tear; and over time become dirty. To combat this, and to revive life into your old seats, utilise the power of a specialist upholstery cleaner with a brush, which will lift the built-in dirt out of your seats, and can also be used within footwells and the boot of your car, giving all upholstery within the vehicle a clean feel.


When it comes to travelling long distances, whilst we know our starting and finishing destinations, very few of us actually plan the route – instead relying on the sat nav to get us to where we want to be.

However, to ensure that the journey goes smoothly without any unplanned diversions or wrong-turns, it is important to plan your journey before you get into the car. Such planning includes making sure that your sat nav is up-to-date with the latest roads, etc, whilst it is always a good idea to take a look at an A to Z so that you are aware of your route, incase the unfortunate happens and something goes wrong with your sat nav.

The most common fault with a sat nav is its battery becoming flat mid-journey because the in-car charging cable has been misplaced. Thankfully in these situations, we have you covered as we have an extensive range of genuine and compatible spare parts for all makes and models of sat navs, helping to keep your journey as stress free as possible (and helping you reach your journey on time).


When talking about safety within your car, we don’t just mean making sure that you (and all occupants of the car) wear a seatbelt; there are also a number of other precautions you should take, depending on the journey you’re taking and goods on board.

If you’re travelling with goods on the roof for example, it is important to check and double check that they are connected safely and securely. The best way to ensure this is to use a roof rack combined with either a bungee cord set or a ratchet tie down, as these will secure your items in place whilst you are on the move.

For those who are likely to need to receive or make a call whilst travelling, to ensure that you stay road legal, and avoid a fixed penalty and points on your licence, a Bluetooth device should be fitted within the vehicle, which can ideally be operated without taking a hand off the steering wheel – although for the best safety, not using a mobile phone at all is the preferred option.

Taking the BuySpares travelling tips on board will help you to enjoy your next journey, wherever you may be going.

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