10 handy tips to help pack your suitcase like a pro

Packing suitcase for holiday

As the schools have now broken up and we are well into the summer months, summer holiday season is now in full swing. If you’re travelling abroad and dreading the packing (let’s face it, who doesn’t) we have some useful packing tips to make the process a bit easier and hopefully less stressful!

Create a checklist

Creating a checklist

Before you start any packing, the first thing to do is create a checklist and if you are going as a family or group, show them the checklist too in case you have missed anything off. Don’t forget the essentials like medication, passports and local currency.

Choose a low-key suitcase

Suitcase at airport

It can be tempting to splurge on a swanky suitcase to show off your style. However, this can make you a target for thieves abroad and at the airport. It’s better to choose a generic looking, preferably lightweight case which will be easier to move around.

Use luggage scales

Luggage scales

Invest in some luggage scales so there aren’t any surprises at the airport and you aren’t stuck with paying extra baggage fees. Measure the weight before you leave for holiday and if you can’t do without some clothes you could wear the extra layers!

Maximise your space

Suitcase packing

To get maximum space out of your suitcase there is an art to how clothes are packed! Rolling instead of folding your clothes, will save space and also help to prevent creasing. Rolling them and then placing into vacuum compression bags will save even more space too.

Organise smaller items

Resealable clear plastic bag

For smaller items and others that don’t quite fit anywhere like your phone charger, invest in some ziplock or resealable bags. These will help you keep your items organised and easy to find, so you aren’t rummaging around in your suitcase panicking you didn’t pack an essential item!

Makeover your suitcase

Suitcase with luggage tag

If you aren’t the best at spotting your luggage in the airport carousel, it’s a good idea to make it standout so you can spot it easily. Personalise your luggage by adding luggage tags, colourful ribbons and even stickers.

Keep clothes fresh

Fresh smelling clothes

However long you are holidaying for, to keep clothes smelling fresh you could place tumble dryer sheets in with your clothes when packing, they will also make your suitcase smell fresh too.

Pack empty bags

Empty tote bag

As well as keeping clothes fresh when leaving for holiday, whilst there you don’t want to place your dirty clothes in with your clean ones. In this case it’s a good idea to pack empty tote or carrier bags to place your dirty laundry in.

Place shower caps on shoes

Disposable shower cap

If you have old shower caps you no longer use, place them on the soles of shoes when packing to stop your clothes and other items getting dirty. You can also keep the disposable shower caps you get at the hotel for packing your shoes for your journey back home.

Know hand luggage restrictions

Measuring hand luggage

Remember the strict rules regarding hand luggage as you don’t want to be caught out at airport security. Take a look on the UK government’s website about hand luggage restrictions and if taking liquids you can get empty bottles to fill from supermarkets and bargain retailers which are the correct size for hand luggage.

Here’s hoping your holiday packing doesn’t become too much of a chore and you actually get to enjoy your holiday! To stay hydrated in the summer sun take a look at our 7 foods to help you stay hydrated in the heat blog.

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