10 Camera Accessories Every Camera Owner Needs

Girl Taking Photo In Field

Whether you’re heading off to exotic shores, or just going on a day trip to an area of natural beauty you no doubt want clear high quality images to document the experience and prompt memories for years to come.

For the best pictures you need the right kit. Here are the essentials you need to protect and maintain your camera.

Camera 16GB Memory Card

Spare Memory Card

There’s nothing worse than seeing the perfect photo op and knowing you can’t capture the moment. If you’re going away somewhere for a while make sure you have sufficient memory cards so you can take pictures galore without having to worry about running out of space.


Samsung Spare Camera Battery

Spare Battery

Likewise a spare battery will ensure your camera has plenty of power if you’re going on a trip and want to shoot lots of snaps on the go. Batteries lose their ability to hold charge over time so if your battery is no longer providing power like it used to, get yourself a replacement.

Replacement Charger For Camera



If your charger is faulty, don’t forget to buy a new one before you go away on holiday or on a trip. A lifeless camera will just be deadweight in your bag. If your charger is already working well, don’t forget to pack it!

Case For Camera And Camera Accessories


Protective Case for Camera and Camera Accessories

Protect your fragile camera from clumsy hands; keep it safe in a case! A camera case will also help to keep your precious photography equipment and your camera accessories clean and prevent scratches and marks.


Underwater Case For Camera

Underwater Case

If you’re going snorkelling, want to get some snaps in the pool or plan to use your camera in wet weather a waterproof case is a must. It will protect your camera from getting sodden and allow you to document your day, even in the damp.


Dedicated Camera Cleaning Kit

Cleaning Accessories

A clean screen is a must for good quality pictures. Otherwise you could have a stray hair or piece of dust replicated on all your images. Give your camera a good once over with the right cleaning products to ensure your pictures come out perfectly.

Nikon Camera Lens Cover


Lens Cover

Your lens cap is also important to keep your camera lens in pristine condition. If yours is damaged or lost, get a replacement as quickly as possible as it is much cheaper to replace the lens cover than the lens itself.


Black Replacement Camera Lens

High Quality Lenses

Different lenses have different strengths so keen photographers will have a selection of high quality lenses in their camera bags to choose from. Consider the type of photos you take the most and invest in a good quality lens to enhance these photos.


Black Adjustable Camera TripodTripod

Shaky hands? Don’t let that make your pictures blurry. If you’re committed to getting the perfect pictures find a tripod to steady your images. Take weight, ease of set up and durability into account to help you find the right one for you.

Replacement Camera USB Cable


Connector Cables

Photos are not much good left on your camera. They clog up your memory card and can only be viewed via your camera’s small display. So if you’ve lost your camera lead get a replacement to transfer those precious images onto your computer.

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