Stop Wasting Money, Repair Your Appliances Yourself

Repair Your Broken Washing Machine

From vacuum cleaners, washing machines and tumble dryers through to cookers, kettles and dishwashers, our homes are made up of numerous appliances which make everyday living easier and more convenient.

If these appliances aren’t working to their full potential, they could be costing you more than you think. But fear not, as it is possible to keep each of your household appliances working as they should by simply carrying out required repairs yourself.

At BuySpares, our aim is to make it easy for you to repair your own appliances, and we like to encourage you to “repair not replace”. We believe appliance repairs are not only good for the environment, but can save you a lot of money too. But don’t just take our word for it..,


The kitchen is the hub of the home, with the cooker being one of the main appliances. As a result of the constant wear and tear put on the cooker, faults can and do often occur. A common one being a faulty element.

According to a survey of repair traders conducted by Which, the average price of a domestic appliance repair engineer supplying and fitting an element is around £76.

For a fraction of this price, you can purchase a new cooker element – either branded or universal – from BuySpares and fix it yourself. You’ll also find easy-to-follow videos and helpful articles, explaining how to repair the appliance. Anyone can do this, whatever their DIY skill as the feedback we’ve received from existing customers highlights.

“I just mended my oven, all by myself for £30. Thank you so much BuySpares for the wonderful tutorial and the amazingly fast delivery of my much needed part.” – Louise

“Out with the old and in with the new cooker element, fitted by my own fair hands. Brilliant service ordered it yesterday online then received a text plus email saying it would arrive today. Always better to pay extra for next day delivery folks. Well done, BuySpares will be using you again.” – Bill

Washing Machine

If the motor on your washing machine has given up the ghost, what would you do? Would you purchase a new machine at an average cost of around £300 or would you arrange for an engineer to come and fix it at an average cost of £200, according to the Which survey.

What about if you needed new motor brushes? Such a repair would take a qualified engineer no longer than an hour and the average cost is close to £70 when you could fix it yourself for a fraction of the price!

Washing Machine Spare Parts

Follow the example of thousands of our customers, including Tanya and Jimmy, who carried out the required repair themselves and “saved a good few quid”.

“Received my order today and fixed my washing machine, saved a good few quid by doing it myself. The parts were perfect thank you, highly recommended.” – Tanya

“Washer gave up the ghost yesterday, discovered BuySpares website, read the info I needed, checked the machine, ordered the parts at 20:30, delivered at 14:25 Wednesday, washer fixed and back in use at 15:30. A happy wife and quiet times for me. Thank you – I will recommend you to anyone who needs help.” – Jimmy

When it comes to repairing rather than replacing household and garden appliances, BuySpares are committed to offering the best solution to our customers. This is why, not only do we offer low prices, next day UK delivery and over 1.5 million products; but we also have an extensive advice centre, YouTube channel and blog where you’ll find an abundance of helpful advice, guidance and videos – enabling you to carry out the required repairs yourself.

So next time your appliance doesn’t perform as it should, before turning to the assistance of a qualified repairer, have a go at diagnosing and repairing the fault yourself, with the help of BuySpares.

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