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Stop Wasting Money, Repair Your Appliances Yourself

Repair Your Broken Washing Machine

From vacuum cleaners, washing machines and tumble dryers through to cookers, kettles and dishwashers, our homes are made up of numerous appliances which make everyday living easier and more convenient.

If these appliances aren’t working to their full potential, they could be costing you more than you think. But fear not, as it is possible to keep each of your household appliances working as they should by simply carrying out required repairs yourself.Read more

Top 10 House DIY Tips

Wooden Table With Tools

When you have a bit of spare time as a home owner it normally goes on maintaining or redecorating your home. Sometimes it can be enjoyable but sometimes you don’t know where to start or how to fix something. Don’t fear, we have some of our best house DIY tips and tricks to help you out. Read more

16 Frugal New Year Resolutions for the Home

16 Frugal New Year Resolutions for the Home

The time has came where many of us are looking to make New Year Resolutions, and it’s estimated that throughout our lifetimes we spend £21,000 on attempting to achieve such resolutions for them to be broken come February. [source: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/brits-spend-21000-in-their-lifetime-on-new-years-resolutions-9951139.html]

Resolutions, however, shouldn’t just be about getting fit, cutting back on certain vices or resolving to see family / friends more. They should also be about looking to be happier in everything you do, and to help we’ve shared 16 (frugal) New Year resolutions for the home.Read more

15 Tips to Help You Save Money on Cleaning Products

Clean Your Home with Food

Cleaning your home is often seen as a chore, and with the multitude of cleaning products available it can also be costly. But, there are a number of steps you can take to cut the cost of cleaning your home – without compromising on the quality of the clean.

Previously, in “Spring Clean with the Power of Steam” we’ve discussed how steam cleaners can be used as a chemical free way of cleaning your home, but did you know there are a range of everyday household products you can also use to clean your home?Read more

10 Creative Ways You Can Recycle Household Items

10 Items to Recycle in the HomeOver recent years many of us have been looking to get thrifty with our money. One way many of us have been doing this is by recycling a range of household items and appliances and therefore giving them a new lease of life.

At BuySpares we are keen advocates of the repair rather than replace culture, and where others may see rubbish, we see inventive, quirky and unique household items which will brighten up your home and garden. To help you on your quest of recycling items within your home, we’ve compiled the following list of 10 creative ways to recycle household items.Read more

Deep Clean Your House, Now the Kids are Back at School: Part 2: Flooring

Deep Clean Your HomeWhen we were younger it seemed that summer holidays from school were the hottest days of the year with little or no rain. Today, on the other hand it seems like we’re lucky to have a solid week of nice weather during the school holidays, and the changing between hot and dry to wet and windy days during the holidays often takes its toll on the state of the house.Read more

8 Handy DIY Tips You Need To Know

Swap Ideas DayToday’s date, September 10th, is unlikely to mean that much to any of you. In-fact it is likely that it’s just another Wednesday, meaning you’re halfway through your working week and nearer to the weekend. However, September 10th is more than this; it’s also “swap ideas day” – and at BuySpares we think that this day is one worth celebrating.Read more

Unusual and Useful Tips for Around The Home – Part 2

Unusual and Useful Tips for Home ImprovementAt BuySpares, our saying is “Repair Not Replace” and we’re always on the lookout for ways to help make your money go further – so far, in fact, that it just might need a plane ticket! So with that in  mind, we’re back again, armed with more cool and quirky pieces of inspiration for your home that just might make you say “Oh, what a good idea!” and other assorted exclamations of delight (well, whatever floats your boat I suppose).

We’ve already shared some ideas in our Unusual and Useful Tips for Around the Home – Part One post, and now we’ve got a handful of other money saving DIY hacks for you to try around the home.

Read more

Can You Clean Without Chemicals?

These days, the options available when shopping for kitchen cleaning products are both varied and overwhelming. It can be really tricky making a decision on what product to buy when so many claim to be able to do the same things, but in better ways than all the others. However, by switching to natural, non-chemical based cleaners, you can make your decision much easier while doing your bit for the environment and your family. In an area like the kitchen where food is stored and prepared, eliminating the need for harsh and robust chemical cleaners will be beneficial for your household.Read more