Save Money This Black Friday – And Fix Your Appliances

Fix Your Appliances This Black FridayBlack Friday is one of the biggest shopping days of the year, and is often regarded as the start of the Christmas shopping season. The day also sees thousands of shoppers descend on stores to grab a bargain.

This year’s Black Friday will be no different. But instead of joining thousands of other shoppers searching for a bargain and resigning your current faulty appliance to the scrap heap, why not purchase the spare parts you need from BuySpares (all available at fantastic prices) and repair the appliance yourself?

To give you a helping hand at getting your appliances back working to their full potential, saving you money both on Black Friday and in the longer run, we’ve compiled this brief guide of some of faults you’re likely to find with appliances you’ll be relying on this winter – and how to fix them.

Tumble Dryer:

The tumble dryer is more often than not put through its paces throughout the winter months and then rarely used the rest of the year. Unfortunately, due to its sporadic use throughout much of the year, faults can often go unnoticed until it is too late.

One such fault is that the thermostat, which regulates and monitors the heat in the dryer, has become faulty.

If it becomes faulty it can result in your appliance not getting hot enough, which means your clothes will not dry. Thankfully replacing a faulty thermostat is not necessarily a difficult task; as we explain in real time within our “How to Replace the Front Thermostat on a Tumble Dryer” video.


There are some appliances which are used throughout the year, and your dishwasher is one of them. Regular use of any appliance increases the risk of faults occurring, and your dishwasher is no different.

One such fault which you’re likely to experience at some point with your dishwasher is a leak, caused by a damaged door seal (although other components can result in leaks occurring). Replacing a door seal, which has become worn or damaged over time, is a relatively straightforward task which takes only a few steps and little time to do.

With the advice provided within our advice centre articles you should be able to replace a damaged dishwasher door seal and fix the leaking appliance. We’d also recommend once you’ve fitted the new door seal, to place your dishwasher on a maintenance wash to test for any signs of leaking.


From cooking a quick meal from the freezer through to cooking a roast dinner on a Sunday, the cooker is potentially one of the most important appliances within the home. Yet whilst the appliance is one we all rely on, it’s also prone to a number of faults.

One such fault is heat escaping from the cooker. This has a number of knock on effects when you’re cooking, from your oven taken a long time to reach the desired temperature through to food not being cooked properly.

The more likely cause of heat escaping from your cooker is a worn or damaged door seal.

How to replace the door seal on your cooker will depend on the make and model of your appliance, but in most cases it can be done in a few simple steps, and we explain the best way to replace a cooker door seal within our helpful advice centre video, “How to Replace a Cooker Door Seal”.

Obviously these are only some of the faults which you may face with your appliances over the winter months. If you face any other faults, instead of automatically resigning your appliance to the scrap heap, visit our advice centre and see how you can fix the fault yourself – for little outlay.

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