Lemon cleaning hacks for use around the home

Lemons in a bowl

If you are looking for a natural cleaner to use for cleaning jobs around the home, a lemon could do just the job. The citrus fruit not only deodorises with its fresh smelling scent but is also easy to implement into cleaning tasks, with no harsh chemicals involved. Find out how lemons can be used in everyday cleaning.

Remove tap and shower door grime

Cleaning bathroom tap

These areas in the home are notorious for mineral-build up, especially if you live in a hard water area. Cut a lemon in half and rub the cut side on these areas to gradually remove the grime and then rinse or wipe with a wet cloth to bring out the shine.

Deep clean a wooden chopping board

Wooden chopping board with lemons and salt

This follows the same method but adds salt to the mix. First sprinkle some coarse salt onto the board and then with a half cut lemon rub over the surface, squeezing the juice onto the board (using your elbow grease). Allow to soak for a few minutes, scrape the solution off the board and rinse the board under warm water.

Deodorise your fridge

Lemon Slices On Fridge Shelf

To help to combat unpleasant odours in your fridge, freshen it up by occasionally placing some slices of lemon on a plate and leaving them in the fridge.  You could also dip a cloth in lemon juice and wipe the insides of your fridge giving it a fresh citrus scent.

Spruce up your cheese grater

Cheese Grater And Lemon On Wooden Block

This is an inventive way to get your cheese grater really clean and not ruin any washing up sponges! Once again cut a lemon in half then go over the grater holes with the lemon, giving it a good scrub. Give the lemon some time to degrease and then rinse under warm water. Repeat the process again if needed.

Steam clean your microwave

Placing lemons in a bowl in the microwave

Add half a cup of water to a bowl, slice a lemon in half and squeeze the juice into the water, adding the lemon halves to the bowl. Microwave on high for 3 minutes but don’t open the door. Instead allow to stand for 5 minutes after, as the steam inside the microwave will help to loosen any stuck on food. Carefully remove the bowl and wipe clean the inside of the microwave.

As well as using lemons for natural cleaning, white distilled vinegar has some great cleaning uses for around the home. Learn about these hacks in our 7 distilled white vinegar hacks for the home blog.

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