How Do Steam Irons Work

IroningSteam irons are more effective at removing stubborn creases from your garments and using a steam iron will generally make the ironing less of a chore. In this post we look at how steam irons work and the range of spare parts available. These include consumable items such as anti-limescale cartridges.

How Steam Irons Work

All steam irons will feature a water tank, this is where the water used to generate the steam is housed and this tank will need to be refilled after a number of uses. The tank will usually hold around half a litre at a time and it is recommended that you use de-ionised water to prevent the build-up of calcium and mineral deposits such as limescale.

The water contained in this tank is heated to the boil by a heating element. This process produces the steam which, combined with the heated soleplate and the pressure applied during ironing, helps to remove the creases from garments. The steam is forced out of the strategically placed holes in the soleplate to ensure an even distribution of steam. To achieve the best results the temperature of the soleplate, steam and the amount of steam need to be carefully controlled and many steam irons will have settings for tackling different types of fabric.

Preventing Limescale in Steam Irons

Tap water can contain many impurities and once heated these can form deposits on the steam iron’s element and soleplate. To counter this problem most leading brands of steam iron will have an anti-limescale feature such as a filter or cartridge. Typically these will only be effective at combating limescale for a limited time period, after which they need to be replaced. Most limescale filters will last between 3 and 6 months, you should check the manual or original documentation for your manufacturer’s recommendations.

Where To Buy Steam Iron Spares

Over the lifespan of your steam iron you will almost certainly need to purchase a consumable item such as a limescale filter or in some cases you may need spare parts for a simple repair. At BuySpares we sell popular steam iron spares, such as elements and water tanks for leading brands like Morphy Richards, Bosch and Tefal.

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