Don’t Let Limescale Build Up in Your Steam Iron!

IroningThere can be no doubt that steam irons and steam generators have made one of the less popular household chores a lot easier. These innovative ironing products can power through creases and remove them from all types of fabrics in a matter of seconds. However to maintain this ironing prowess, you need to maintain your steam iron correctly!

Limescale is the biggest threat to your iron!

If you purchased your steam iron recently then it will more than likely have come with some form of anti-limescale system to help prolong the lifespan and maximize performance. Limescale is caused by the build-up of calcium and mineral deposits on the internal parts of your iron. These minerals are present in the water you use to fill up the iron, which is why it is suggested that you use deionised water or a specially designed descale formula whereever possible.

Some models of steam iron will feature a built-in anti-limescale cartridge. The cartridge is made from a resin that retains limescale particles and stops it getting lodged in your iron. Anti-scale cartridges, or iron anti-calc cartsteam iron sparesridges as they are sometimes referred to, should be changed every 3 to 6 months. This depends on how frequently you iron, how hard your water is and the manufacturers’ instructions.

You can buy steam iron spare parts at BuySpares as well as limescale products to help protect your other home appliances including the washing machine, dishwasher and coffee maker.

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