8 Maintenance Tools Every Appliance Owner Should Have

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If you’re the DIY type you probably have an extensive collection of tools in your toolbox for fixing up your home. Your appliances too can benefit from you having the right tools to hand and you in turn will get the most from your machines by looking after them.

We’ve put together a list of some very useful accessories for your appliances that will help you extent their lifespans too.


Set Of Screwdriver Bits

Good Set of Screwdrivers

First things first, if your machine is not working as it should and you want to see what’s causing the issue you might want to open it up. You’ll find different appliances have different size and shaped screws so a high quality set of screwdrivers, with a varied range of tips, will come in useful time and time again.



Fridge Freezer Ice Scraper

Freezer Ice Scraper

A frosted up freezer is an inefficient freezer. Defrost your freezer and it’ll use less energy and be more convenient, allowing you to fit more food in it. Using anything but a dedicated scraper (like a knife) can puncture or scratch your freezer’s walls and damage them for good. Ice scrapers can also be used to defrost frozen wet walls at the back of your fridge.



Washing Machine Cleaner

Not everyone knows that washing machines need cleaning. As they are cleaning appliances it may seem strange that they don’t clean themselves, but in fact excess detergent build up and limescale can stop your washing machine from working well. Here’s how to give your machine the monthly clean it needs:


Packet Of Screen WipesScreen Wipes

Electronic screens can short circuit and malfunction if they are wiped down with a wet cloth. Wipe TVs, laptops and even the screens on appliances like microwaves or washing machines with specialist screen wipes, designed to remove grime and dust without doing any damage.




Iron Cleaner

If you accidentally iron a synthetic fabric with the iron too hot or run over a plastic label you can get a burnt on residue on your iron that’s seemingly impossible to shift. If you have some of this iron cleaner the impossible becomes possible and the gunk on your iron can be removed before it ruins your clothes.

Here’s a video of the cleaner in action:



Vacuum Cleaner Air FreshenerVacuum Cleaner Air Fresheners

Multitask by getting your floors clean and your home fresh scented at the same time. An air freshener for your vacuum cleaner does both jobs simultaneously. Make sure to empty your vacuum or change the bag regularly to stop bacteria from multiplying and causing smells in your cleaner.




Garden Tool Lubrication SprayLubricating Spray for Garden Tools

Avoid rust and keep garden tools effective by lubricating them. The easiest application of lubricating oils to your garden shears, trimmers and chainsaw blades is with a spray. Get yourself a bottle and you’ll find all sorts of metal tools benefit from it.




Dedicated Stainless Steel CleanerDedicated Cleaners for Appliance Type

Different cleaners work best with different appliances. A stainless steel cleaner is good for appliances with stainless steel bodies for example. It’s not all the same cleaner in different bottles! It’s best to get one suited specifically to your need.




With the above tools you’ll be set to face all manner of appliance issues. If your appliance smells or is under performing and you’re not sure how to fix it, message us in the comments. The fix could be very simple with the help of a handy maintenance product or simple to fit part. You won’t know until you ask!

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