What Are Your Appliances Giving Up This January?

It‘s not just you that can benefit from a few good intentions this January!  Why not start the year as you mean to go on and make sure your appliances are properly maintained and in full working order. Here are a few appliance resolutions to try….

Save Money

Fixing faults with your home appliances is a great way to save and we’ve got all the spare parts you need. For more information read our post on: Save Money with Appliance Spares.

Eat More Healthily

Preparing your own meals is a much healthier option than eating processed ready-made food or takeaways. Our cookshop has a range of handy kitchen gadgets which can make cooking your own healthy meals a breeze. Choose from food processors, healthy grilling machines, and much more!

Give Up Drinking…

…drinking unfiltered water that is! The water that comes out of your tap can contain all kinds of impurities and chemicals including chlorine, rust, limescale and dust particles, which will not only impair the taste. If you have an American fridge freezer, the water filter should be changed approximately every six months (or possibly more, depending on the manufacturer’s recommendation) to be sure its filtering out all those nasties. If you don’t, the best way to get pure, clean drinking water is to use a Brita Filter.

Lose Weight

….from your vacuum cleaner by making sure that the bag is changed on a regular basis. A bag that is more than ¾ full will affect the suction and your vacuum will not perform as well as it should. A new vacuum bag also means easier cleaning without all that sucked-up dust and dirt weighing you down!

Give up SmokingAppliance Care

Is your kitchen unnecessarily filling with fumes and smoke every time you cook? You may need to check the state of your cooker hood filters; if they’re clogged up with grease and grime they won’t be doing their job properly and should be replaced.

Be More Environmentally Aware

Are you wasting energy unnecessarily? Or perhaps you’re getting fed up with your utility bills going up? Switching to energy saving products, such as low-energy light bulbs or standby savers, is a great way to save money while doing your bit for the environment.

Feel free to share your own resolutions in the comments below.

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