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6 Reasons You Need To Use a Water Filter

6 Reasons To Use a Water Filter Jug

There’s no hiding from the fact that water is good for you. Our bodies are made up of 60% water and it’s the number one nutrient for our bodies. It’s also key to removing toxins. But not all water is the same. In fact your everyday tap water is likely to be full of nastiness which could be doing your body more harm than good.Read more

How To Achieve The Perfect Shave [infographic]

Clean shaven, the shadow, goatee, moustache or a neatly boxed beard, whichever you prefer with the right shaver you can style it – turning your facial hair into the perfect accessory for your style.

To help you achieve the perfect shave, whatever look you are after it is recommended to use an electric shaver, and in the infographic below we explain “How to Achieve The Perfect Shave” with such a personal care product.

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Don’t Be Left Irritated By Your Shaver!

Don't Be Left Irritated by Your ShaverA dry shave with your electric shaver is one way to get a clean, close shave every time but, like all appliances and devices around the home, you need to maintain it effectively to guarantee the very best results.

If your electric shaver is a year or so old then the cutting heads or foils may have become worn out. You can buy replacement heads, foils and cutters for shavers from the major manufacturers at BuySpares including both Braun shaver parts and Remington shaver foils.Read more