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7 tips for drying clothes indoors

Clothes drying on clothes airer

When summer wraps up for the year, drying clothes outside becomes much more difficult. Of course, if you have a tumble dryer, drying clothes is less of a hassle… but if you don’t own a tumble dryer, drying clothes indoors on racks and radiators is your only option. Take a look at our tips for drying clothes indoors to make this chore easier!

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Benefits of using a dehumidifier

Portable dehumidifier in room

With the blustery, wet and cold weather, we spend more time indoors during this time of year. Humidity levels can rise in homes creating a range of problems, which in turn can aggravate allergy sufferers, making conditions less than warm and cosy. A dehumidifier can help combat humidity levels in the home for the following issues. It might be the appliance you never knew you needed!

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