Benefits of using a dehumidifier

Portable dehumidifier in room

With the blustery, wet and cold weather, we spend more time indoors during this time of year. Humidity levels can rise in homes creating a range of problems, which in turn can aggravate allergy sufferers, making conditions less than warm and cosy. A dehumidifier can help combat humidity levels in the home for the following issues. It might be the appliance you never knew you needed!

Window and Door Condensation

Windows and doors can develop condensation on the interior glass indicating that there is too much moisture in rooms. This moisture can cause window and door trims to start growing black mould spores and if your window sills are wooden they can start to rot. You could open a window to aid air circulation, however when it’s cold outside it may not be the best option! Placing a dehumidifier in these problems areas will help eliminate moisture and bring humidity levels down.

Drying clothes indoors

The low sun can make gardens seem very inviting during autumn and winter but the cold temperatures tell a different story. This is particularly annoying if you have several loads of washing and nowhere to put them! The only option is to find space to dry clothes indoors or invest in a tumble dryer. Most people place clothes on drying racks and radiators which increases moisture and creates damp in the home. Placing a dehumidifier next to areas where clothes are drying helps remove moisture and speeds up the process of drying. Some models also have a laundry setting to help with this.

Steamed up rooms

Having a bath or shower and even cooking will of course create condensation. Extractor fans and opening windows helps to reduce moisture and using a dehumidifier will also help. This is also beneficial to combat mould and mildew and other problems which can arise from dampness in the home. If there are areas in the home which have a musty smell this can also be a result of excess humidity. The dehumidifier will come in handy in these problem areas too.

There are several problems a dehumidifier can help to combat around the home, to create a more healthier indoor environment. The appliance can aid allergy sufferers and help protect areas in the home impacted by high humidity before they develop into much bigger issues.

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