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hedge trimmerHedges are the perfect natural boundary to divide up or contain your garden or outdoor space. In this post we look at tips for pruning your hedges to keep them controlled, neat and tidy. In this post we look at what makes a good hedge and the hedge trimmer spare parts required to maintain performance.

What Makes a Good Hedge?

This will depend on whether you want a formal hedge or a less structured boundary. In the case of a formal hedge then the type of plants you choose as well as the regularity of maintenance will be the key factors. To achieve a formal boundary then the plant types that are worth considering, include box hedges, privet hedges and conifers. You can use flowering plants such as roses or lavender to construct a less formal divided.

How Often Does My Hedge Need to be Trimmed?

Although this is dependent on the age of the hedge and the type of plants, it is likely that you will only need to trim the hedge row 3 or 4 times a year and in some cases even less! To create a formal hedge you should start by levelling the top of the hedge. This maybe possible to do by eye, however if the hedge is quite overgrown then you may find it beneficial to make a guide. This can be done by placing a couple of stakes in the ground and fixing string, pulled tight, between them. Once you are happy with the presentation of the hedge top, all that is left is to neaten up the sizes and brush away the debris.

What Tools are Available to Get The Perfect Finish?

There are a number of options available when it comes to pruning and shaping your hedge rows. The tool you decide to use will depend on the amount of precision that is required, while your physical strength may also be a factor given that some electric or petrol trimmers can be heavy and difficult to manoeuvre.

Hedge Trimmer Spare PartsYou may find that using hand shears or manual loppers offers the control you desire to effectively shape smaller hedges, however these tools are less practical for long runs. You may find that a petrol-powered, electric or battery-operated hedge trimmer to be a better option if you are tackling overgrown or sizable hedges. This will also save your arms, but you need make sure you keep it is great condition. At BuySpares we sell a wide range of hedge trimmer spare parts for top brands like Flymo and McCulloch. Likewise, if you use hand tools like shears or loppers then you need to ensure that these are kept sharp for a crisp and even cut.

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