The Right Heater Will Help Keep You Warm This Winter

Keep Warm This WinterFollowing the warm weather we’ve been blessed with this year, it’s hard to imagine that winter will soon be upon us, when the temperatures fall, a layer of ice can cover our windscreens in the mornings and the warm, woolly cardigans make an appearance from the back of the wardrobe.

Along with switching the shorts and t-shirts for hats, scarves and thick jumpers, many of us will be looking to turn the heating on once the temperature drops. Whilst this will help to keep the majority of your home warm, for those who are looking to maintain such heat at their desks at work or within areas of their home where there’s no central heating at BuySpares we have a range of solutions.


During the summer months a conservatory can be a great place to relax and unwind, watching the world go by at the same time as staying nice and warm as the sun heats the room. But why should a conservatory just be used during the summer months?

With the extensive range of portable heaters available from BuySpares your conservatory can be used and enjoyed throughout the year, and some of the heaters that we recommend include the Dimplex Oil Free Radiator and the Delonghi Oil Filled Radiator.

The Dimplex Oil Free Radiator for example uses unique oil free heating to provide heat faster than standard oil filled column radiators, whilst its design provides enhanced heat distribution; and because there’s no oil required, there’s no risk of leaking.

Delonghi’s Oil Filled Radiator is ideal for longer term use as the oil releases heat gradually, whilst the room thermostat enables you to set a desired temperature so that you can keep your chosen room at a constant warm temperature.

Fan Heaters:

Are you one of those people who constantly feels the cold? If you are, it’s likely that as winter arrives you’ll have a few disagreements with your work colleagues about the temperature in the office. Thankfully, these disagreements can become a thing of the past by purchasing a fan heater, which can be discreetly placed under the desk, or in the corner of a room providing heat as and when it is needed.

The Wellco H003 2kW fan heater for example is ideal for spot heating, whilst its thermostatic control and choice of heat settings make it perfect for providing heat to cold areas quickly and effectively.

Heated Blankets:

After a hard day at work, and running from the car to the house to try and dodge the rain, the last thing you’ll want to do is get into a cold bed; yet many of us spend winter in such a situation.

Why not make the coldness hitting you as you get into bed a thing of the past by investing in heated blankets? At BuySpares we stock an extensive range of heated underblankets such as the Morphy Richards Double Electric Heated blanket which takes no more than 15 minutes to heat up and offers four heating levels, not to mention extra foot warmth to keep your toes toasty throughout the night.

Our range of heating blankets also includes overblankets, including the Beurer Monogram Single Electric blanket, which provides six heating settings, helping to warm your bed up quickly, and keep you at the perfect temperature throughout the night.

Convector Heaters:

A convector heater uses a heating element to release air into the room and then relies on the circulation of air to heat a room, bringing with them the benefit of heating the room for extended periods of time; making them ideal for locations where central heating is not available.

The Lloytron F2401WH Convector Heater for example provides rapid warmth wherever it is used, and its three heating options, combined with a variable thermostat enable you to control the temperature whenever your heater is being used, helping you to achieve the perfect heat for you.

By utilising the power of the heating options above, all of which are available at a great price from BuySpares, come rain, sleet and snow this winter you’ll be able to keep warm wherever you may be – from the office and conservatory through to your lounge, garage and bed.

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