Keep Your Appliances Working By Tackling Limescale

Tackle Limescale in Your AppliancesAre you aware of how much limescale in everyday household appliances could be costing you on an annual basis? According to the British Water Authority, as little as 1.66mm of a limescale coating within your appliance can reduce the appliances effectiveness by 12 percent, which can add as much as £200 to your annual energy bills.

Unfortunately, over time all appliances which regularly come into contact with water, particularly those within hard water areas, will suffer from a build up of limescale is care and attention isn’t paid to them. Thankfully, to give your appliances the chance of a longer life working at their most effectiveness, we’ve taken a look at some of the most common appliances within the home and provided guidance on how you can limit the impact of limescale for little cost.

Kettle / Coffee Maker:

First thing in the morning, last thing at night and at regular intervals in-between the kettle is one of the appliances within the home which is regularly used throughout the day; as is the coffee maker.

With constant use of such an appliance, general wear and tear can occur with the kettle preventing it from working to its full potential; but the one thing which is most likely to cause your kettle (and coffee machine) to lack performance power, is the build up of limescale.

To help remove the build up of limescale within your kettle, as well as in your coffee maker, it’s advisable to use a specialist cleaning product such as the Oust All Purpose Liquid Descaler, which makes light work of removing limescale, leaving your kettle fresh and working like new, in as little as ten minutes.

A second step which should be taken to help prevent the build up of limescale within your kettle is to regularly check and clean the filter within your kettle. Although it’s only a small part, the kettle’s filter plays a big part in keeping your appliance running by helping to reduce the number of impurities (such as limescale mineral deposits) from the water.

Top Tip: Looking to reduce the build up of limescale further within your kettle / coffee maker? Consider using filtered water, which will hold less of the impurities found within water – and this is particularly recommended within hard water areas!


The dishwasher may not be used on a regular basis, but it is still an appliance which is often used; and over the course of a year, the usage of the dishwasher can add up, as can the coating of limescale on important components, which can (and will) hinder the performance of the appliance.

With limescale building up within your dishwasher, its effectiveness will dwindle, leaving your dirty pots and pans still looking unclean, even after being washed.

Regular maintenance of your dishwasher, such as checking the spray arms are in top condition, and that the filter is clean and empty can help reduce the risk of your dishwasher not cleaning correctly; and as part of the regular maintenance you carry out on your dishwasher should be a monthly maintenance wash, using a limescale remover, such as the BuySpares Limescale and Detergent Remover.

BuySpares Limescale and Detergent Remover is a cheap and efficient way to keep your dishwasher working to its full potential, as its cleaning agents kill bacteria, reducing the smell of stale odours, at the same time as cleaning and sanitising parts of your dishwasher that you cannot normally reach, removing the build up of limescale as it does so; leaving your dishwasher once again working like new.

As an added benefit, the pack of cleaner (which compromises of six 50g sachets) can also be used to clean your washing machine too!


Steam irons make the process of ironing a lot easier but with the ease of ironing comes the issue of the use of more water, which will increase the risk of limescale building up.

As with cleaning other appliances within your home to prevent the build up of limescale, cleaning your iron is also an easy task, and can be done by following the instructions on the back of steam iron descaler, to effectively and quickly clean your iron, eliminating limescale deposits and keeping your iron working to its full potential.

It isn’t just household appliances which can be suffer from the build up of limescale though, various surfaces within the home, such as bathroom sinks, showers and glass doors, can also see the affects of limescale build up.

To remove the build up of limescale on such surfaces, the Oust Limescale Remover Spray is ideal, with its effectiveness coming to fruition in just a matter of minutes, cleaning through dirt and limescale build up with no fuss.

By taking the time to maintain and clean your household appliances, with dedicated limescale cleaning products will help to not only remove the limescale and leave your appliances looking clean; but will also help to save you money on your electricity bills.

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