Efficient Appliances For a Happy Home

Ensuring your appliances are working efficiently will help to keep your utility bills low. Simple faults that may appear to be very minor can have a dramatic affect on the efficiency of your appliances, whether it is the vacuum cleaner, cooker or fridge freezer. In this post we look at how to spot the signs of some of the most common efficiency faults.

Don’t Let Heat Escape!

To ensure your food cooks evenly and efficiently then you need to maintain a constant temperature and seal the heat in. If the hinges on your cooker door have started to sag or are not properly installed this can create a small gap between the oven door and cavity – which lets heat escape! The same is true is the door gasket has worn out and no longer provides a tight seal.

Heat escaping from your cooker will cause uneven cooking, higher utility bills and will cause other components in your oven to work harder than they would usually need too, which may make them more likely to fail.

If you have an issue with poorly fitting hinges or a faulty door seal then our appliance advice centre is sure to be of assistance. To get started try our video on how to replace the door seal on an oven.

Airflow Is The Key To Performance

Getting the best out of your vacuum cleaner means ensuring that it operates with full suction power and airflow is vitally important. Clogged filters and overfilled vacuum bags can disrupt the airflow through the vacuum cleaner and cause the pick-up performance to suffer. It is recommended that you replace the bags in your vacuum cleaner when they are around 2/3 full and filters should be replaced around every 5 months.

Seal In The Cold

When it comes to the fridge you want to seal in the cold. Similarly to the cooker example above, if there is not a tight enough seal between the fridge door and the fridge cavity then your fridge will need to work harder to maintain the temperature. You can check the seal using a £10 note. Simply trap the note between the door and the frame, if the note holds then the seal is fine. Vacuuming the coils at the back of the fridge can also improve energy efficiency.

If you have any of your own energy efficient tips then feel free to share them in the comments below.

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