Anti-Smell Innovation From Affresh!

MayTag CleanersYou may well be aware of the recent concerns about the bacteria left behind by using your washing machine on a lower temperature. In some cases, this can result in bacteria remaining in the machine and one of the key signs is the formation of an unpleasant odour!

A new product from appliance experts Maytag can help you tackle the nasty niff head on and remove bacteria, not only from the internal parts of your washing machine but also the door seal – which is notoriously tricky to clean.

Introducing Affresh GAffress Door Seal Cleanerrit Grabber Cloth and Power Puck from Maytag

This innovative product contains two high-performance cleaning elements. Firstly the Grit Grabber Cloth is designed to penetrate, dissolve and remove odor-causing residue from the rubber door seal.  The Power Puck element is used to target the bacteria and residue you can’t see. It uses a powerful oxygenated action to penetrate, dissolve and reduce or remove odor-causing residue from inside the washer. It removes ore residue than bleach or disinfectant wipes!


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