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Clumsiness Is Not An Excuse For Broken Appliances

Clumsiness Is Not An Excuse For Broken Appliances

When you think of memorable dates July 1st isn’t one which normally springs to mind. But the date does have its own connotations. For example, July 1st 2015 was the hottest day of the year (to date) and the hottest day for nine years. Due to the heat a heat-health alert was issued for all of England – and we did our bit, by posting tips via our “Keep Cool During This Week’s Heat Wave” post.

Aside from being a record breaking day in 2015, July 1st according to Direct Line, is the day of the year when home insurance claims rise by as much as 60% – leading to them labelling the day, the “clumsiest day of the year”.Read more

Can Cut-to-Size Save You Money?

As an alternative to buying genuine replacement parts there will often be a universal option available. This is especially true when it comes to consumable items such as filters. In many cases to make these universal parts fit your machine you may have to adapt them in some way. Sometimes this is as simple as manually extending the part like in the case of the universal oven shelf, but for others you will need to cut them to size. In this post we focus on a couple of cut-to-size products and discuss the advantages.Read more

5 Parts That Adjust To Fit Your Home

When you’re buying spare parts for your home appliances you will usually need to make a note of the appliance’s model number to ensure the part you buy will fit. With some items it is possible to use the dimensions as a guide, but when you’re still not sure then opting for a universal product is a safe bet.

In this post we look at 5 BuySpares top sellers that adjust to meet your needs. This includes great-value universal parts for the oven, vacuum cleaner and cooker hood that take the hassle out of buying spare parts.Read more

Quick Fixes To Liven Up Your Kitchen

When you buy an older home you may  inherit a kitchen with appliances already in place, whether integrated or free-standing. If these appliances have seen better days or you are worried that they might not be operating as efficiently as they could then this post offers a few pointers to help enhance your new kitchen while ensuring you are not needlessly adding to your utility bills.Read more